Why Hotels Need To Offer Benefits For Booking Direct

Source “AllCastMarketing How Hotels are wining direct business with innovative benefits” AllCast marketing looks at the case of one small independent villa resort which  has implemented a guest benefit program for travelers who book direct on its own booking engine. The article looks at Why Hotels Need To Offer Benefits For booking Direct and... read more

Hotels are Missing The TripAdvisor Opportunity – Skift

In its latest report, “Luxury Hotels: Regional Search Strategies,” New York-based brand consultancy L2 suggests upper upscale and luxury hotel brands should work towards making TripAdvisor a bigger part of their strategic marketing. Source: How Hotels Are Failing to Take Advantage of TripAdvisor – Skift Hotels are Missing The TripAdvisor Opportunity Hotel brands responding... read more

Hail Microsoft And The Power of WE – Forbes

Most would probably agree that Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been a more successful business than Microsoft(NASDAQ:MSFT) in the last few years. After all, Apple has been at the forefront of the mobile computing revolution, while Microsoft has lagged the competition in this important area. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.Getty Images/Mat Hayward However, things are surprisingly different when looking at […] Source:... read more

Why Millennials Are Texting More and Talking Less – Forbes

Millennials are leading the shift toward texting and away from calling, and experts are wondering whether our social development is suffering as a consequence. Source: Why Millennials Are Texting More And Talking Less – Forbes This articles  says that  messaging is the modern form of communications and voice mail is outdated and ineffective.  In... read more
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It Pays to Book Direct – Marriott

It Pays to Book Direct – Marriott

Marriott Takes the Bull by the Horns With all the talk of decline in referrals from OTAs and the counter trend in growth of direct bookings for XYZ generations, Marriott has taken the bull by the horns and wrestling OTA bookings to the ground. Their new campaign “it pays to Book direct” is a...

3 reasons your website design needs a better marketing strategy

Sean Smith articles is great but it is reverse engineered or back-to-front according to the latest insights by the Power Marketing Strategies. Smith puts design first as described by his title ” Why your marketing needs a better design focus“, however Power Marketing says that this is one of the biggest problem with today...

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