We bring you the best resources to help you master the internet, understand the new trends in marketing and publishing and how they apply to hotel and tourism.

Our mission is to help hotel and tourism professionals build sustainable brands, get more direct bookings and loyal customers.

We cover issues of brand differentiation, finding the Unique selling point of your business, completing keyword research and building  search engine optimized websites. We cover the latest trends in off site marketing, backlinking, content marketing, video production and multimedia promotions, press releases and special campaigns.

We will also cover publishing: Books and magazines for the managers, owners and marketers. Writing travel stories to help build your brand, story telling and publishing is now a vital part of marketing your hotel or tourism brand. You will see articles on travel and photography, careers in hospitality and all subjects that can help you reach your goals and build successful market campaigns and a lasting brand.

This is a personal mission of Ian R Clayton, CEO of AXSES and the Tourism development and consulting arm AXSES SCI in Barbados. Ian is a creative writer with a deep knowledge of the latest strategies in marketing and online media. His work is insightful and on the ball, and usually has several typos that he cant see because of a bad case of dislexia. We hope that you can appreciate the content and get past the spelling until the editors catches up with his work.

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