Google Adds Bookings to Hotel Finder OTA

Advertising is Changing What we suspected for some time Google is adding commission based payment.Now Google adds bookings to its hotel finder paving the way for the worlds largest search engine to become the latest Online travel Agent (OTA). It is clear that advertisers are demanding more accountability and the old pay for ads or […]

Research Reveals Surprising News on Social Influencers

Research Reveals Surprising News on Social Influencers

Latest Research on Social Media May Shock you! Jeff Bullas has compiled a pile of amazing stats on what works in digital media. The research reveals surprising news on who are the social influencers. Shocking news really, and most of it very counter-intuitive. He credits Technorati Media for some of these insights but his work […]

Twitter Struggles with Sagging Growth

Is Twitters new Video Autoplay Feature Enought to Keep it Alive- Media Post Recent research by Forrester shows marketers spending less on Tweets as Twitter struggles with sagging growth. They believe Facebook and other other social media offer better returns As Elliot said. “It seems to have lost touch with marketers.” Twiiter has now added […]

Re-imagining Advertising – ReBrief YouTube

▶ Project Re: Brief: A Film About Re-imagining Advertising – YouTube. This video says it all.. You may have seen it already as it dates back to 2012 but it is totally relevant to today. Technology is making it possible to interact with markets in a way hardly imagined. In this video the most famous […]

TripAdvisor Says Forget Ads On Mobiles Tiny Screens- Get Commissions Instead – Forbes

TripAdvisor Mobile Strategy: Forget Ads On Those Tiny Screens, Instead Optimize For Clicks And Commissions – Forbes. Its an interesting and maybe accurate prediction that the advertsing business model will not work on Mobile. To some extend we are seeing it fail even on the d4esktop as travelers just are not click on links, banners […]