Building Your Digital Footprint – Chapter 2 Review

Building Your Digital Footprint – Chapter 2 Review

What is Your Digital Footprint

what it is| how to avoid common mistakes | how to fix a bad footprint

Everything you do on the internet leaves a digital footprint. The photos, pages, videos you like, subscribe to, the button you press and links you click on, along with the pages you visit leave a record that indicates something about what you like and who you are. More significant are the post and content that you put online. All of this is your Digital Footprint which tells the story, good and bad, of your brand. It is vital that you get it right and don’t mess it up by doing what might seem logical but runs afoul of rules and regulation you don’t even know exist.


Content Marketing Builds Your Brand Footprint

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Your online activity and communication leaves an important impression of who you are and of your brand. Today it is important for brands to engage in building content about their products, people and company. It is even more important to have others create this content about you. This is what we call content marketing. This along with what you do on social media, what publication and directory mention you (citations) and who is talking about you, that creates your brand digital footprint.


Marketing Mistakes That Destroy Your Digital Footprint

Of course you do want to have all that content and brand mention point to you website or your promotions etc. And you want to have those articles, link and mentions refer to you with words that describe your target market. You want the links and articles to use words that people are searching for.  But this is where you have to be very careful as we explain in the video below.

One of the biggest mistakes  markets make today is to stack content and links with search keywords which leaves a bad digital footprint and insures they will not get ranked.

Chapter 2 of Digital Media Marketing shows you how to avoid this critical error and optimize your footprint with quality content marketing and high authority links to your website.

VIDEO – Building your Digital Footprint

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Your Digital Marketing Footprint Video Script

Hello Ian here, this time with a short review of chapter 2 of my latest book Digital Media, which is about your digital footprint.

Probably one of the most famous acronyms for marketing is AIDA that means that you create awareness, interest, desire and action. But one of the mistakes that people make is that they think it all happens on their website and this is not true.

You create awareness of your website by marketing it on the Internet …and that happens long before they get to your page. In the simplest term this means that you have to be seen to be heard and you need to get your most persuasive and informative content where your prospects are.

digital media content marketing

content marketing is a major part of creating your digital footprint

It must be relevant, high quality content that is not seen as self-serving, and it has to be on high on quality relevant sites, .. with appropriate links back to your page that are balanced and natural.

Balance and Authority is Essential

We used to link to your site with keywords in the link, it just made sense. That was the way that we were taught to do it, that’s what Google wanted. If you’re marketing a family hotel in Barbados it’s logical to use those words in the link. The link would say family hotel in Barbados. Everyone did it but if you already have a lot of links to your page with that word – it’s not okay, not anymore.

balance you links and content to protect your footprintThis is one of the biggest mistakes that markets make today – they stack content and the links back to their site with words that people are searching for, but with everyone trying to stock content with keywords, much of the content seems suspicious ….and not authentic to google and search engine.

It gets zapped, not indexed, not bothered with and it does not get listed or ranked

bbc anchor text balanceLook here at the links to B.B.C. – 74 % of the links are generic. They don’t mention the brand or the keyword, why? Because that would be bad balance, it’s too self-serving, Spamy and it’s not going to get picked up by Google.

This chapter shows you precisely what that means and what tools you need to check it and help balance it out.

It gets quite detailed but the language is not technical and I explain things from the ground up so you get a pretty good idea even if you haven’t a grounding in the Internet.


There’s a lot more to it

… including insights on using directories, things you need to know about TripAdvisor, Metasearch engines and Google new search ranking with RankBrain. It’s all explained in an easy conversational style.


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How You Can Balance Bad Anchor Text

This is a Book Buyer Bonus that I am pleased to make available to you because you just read this page. Congratulates I am delighted to help! The book explains how to avoid getting your links out of balance, it does not show how to fix it. i created this short video for those readers who find themselves with unbalanced text and want to fix it. /span>


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