Getaroom Gives Up Competing With OTAs– Skift

Getaroom Gives Up on Brand-Building and Pivots to B2B – Skift.

Getaroom was trying to build a consumer brand, but the company, changed to providing back-end technology and forging affiliate relationships with partners, including, Kayak, TripAdvisor and others, says Diener, Getaroom co-founder and president.

Over the last year the company realized it would be much more profitable to find a niche and to enter into affiliate partnerships with other companies, and in that way they wouldn’t have to compete against the larger resources of major online travel brands which are crowding TV broadcasts with their omnipresent advertising.

“We do almost nothing in advertising, very minimal,” Diener says, adding that other companies can execute on search engine marketing much better as this was not Getaroom’s expertise.

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