Expedia CEO Mark Okerstromon Personalization

TNOOZE – Source: Expedia CEO Mark Okerstrom on learnings from Dara, continuing Expedia’s culture and global growth It’s a treat to hear Mark Okerstrom say Personalization is the next frontier. We know he’s right on target with outstanding results from our pioneering application PersonaHolidays.com. It has increased engagement and call-to-action by 300% – check... read more

Tony Robins Persona Marketing

As developers of PersonaHolidays we are delighted to see Tony Robins Persona Marketing Blog on Lead Generation where he says “Reference your user personas to figure out exactly who your ideal client is, then allow your marketing and sales teams to come up with strategic ways that you can target them. Remember, someone who... read more

MetaSearch Engines Compared

Just two years ago Organic Search accounted for 62% the average hotel website traffic. In 2017 that has dropped to 42%. As it drops other channels are taking its place. Mostly it is the OTA that are filling the loss of organic search and direct bookings. Today metasearch has also become a major player... read more

Millennials Redefine Luxury Experiences & Marketing – eHotelier

Source: http://ehotelier.com/insights/2017/03/14/millennials-redefine-luxury-spur-changes-marketing Insights Instagram, luxury, millennials, pinterest Millennials redefine luxury and spur changes in marketing Millennial (born between 1981-1997) are the fastest growing customer segment in the hospitality industry, and by 2005 they will account for  50 per cent of all travelers.  Much has been done to understand this market segment and how they research,... read more

PersonaHolidays Taps HowToFascinate FascinatingTravelers Technology

In the latest news by PersonaHolidays, The company has reached out to HowToFascinate.com with a new partnership that is Fascinating Travelers. Here is the latest YouTube video that demonstrates the lightening fast pace at which the PersonaHolidays App matches travelers with hotels and delivers personal recommendations based on personality. PersonaHolidays FascinatingTravelers Technology Press Release... read more

Latest Internet Mobile Stats Trends

Based on the latest Internet Mobile Stats Trends, digital trends reports by “We are Social” shows that mobile has now reached the pivotal point and accounts for 55% of all web access. Smartphones and Tablets combined account for 55%. That is more that a 30% increase in mobile usage year-on-year. At the same time... read more
Marketing Strategies
Why hotels should fight back against online mirror marketing

Why hotels should fight back against online mirror marketing

Unfortunately many travel shoppers do not know that they are not linking to the the hotel’s own website to book from these mirror listing on Google. Not only do OTAs List higher that Brand sites they mirror in many cases the brands who do not advertise will likely be way down on the page...
It Pays to Book Direct – Marriott

It Pays to Book Direct – Marriott

Marriott Takes the Bull by the Horns With all the talk of decline in referrals from OTAs and the counter trend in growth of direct bookings for XYZ generations, Marriott has taken the bull by the horns and wrestling OTA bookings to the ground. Their new campaign “it pays to Book direct” is a...

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