PersonaHolidays Taps HowToFascinate FascinatingTravelers Technology

In the latest news by PersonaHolidays, The company has reached out to with a new partnership that is Fascinating Travelers. Here is the latest YouTube video that demonstrates the lightening fast pace at which the PersonaHolidays App matches travelers with hotels and delivers personal recommendations based on personality.

PersonaHolidays FascinatingTravelers Technology

Press Release Featured in Over 100 Media

The news of how PersonaHolidays Taps HowToFascinate in FascinatingTravelers Technology is featured across the internet and in Travel Magazines like Travel Weekly. It is also featured in Prime Time news media like ABC News and here (below) in SiliconVallley financial news section.


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Hotel MatchMaker Predicts Personality

As the Press Release explains: The new PersonaHolidays App that drives the Fascinating Travelers solution is making trip planning, fun, engaging and much more personal. Its also the only Travel Planning app that assesses a travelers persona without having them do any form of test or assessment.  Personalized travel today is not about personal attention (like having a travel agent or call center), and it is not about adding travelers name and city etc. Personalization in 2017 is about using artificial intelligence and behavior analysis. It includes rapid response and advanced filtering to infer the personality of a travel shopper that fits for their individual character.
In creating the FascinatingTravelers Technology PersonaHolidays has Partnered with Sally Hogsheads’ personality branding systems and assessments. Hotels in the channel need to complete the aseesment in order to get the full benefits of the brand marketing and hotel matching. . The Archetype is then analyzed by the Personal Hotel MatchMaker engine which assigns the variables used in creating the travel personas. Each traveler is quietly assesses based on their choices and actions on the website. Everything they do is a trigger to who they are. “We have a massive database of actions and triggers” says Ian R Clayton CEO of the company who have built the technology.

Persona goes to work as soon a travelers enters the website and everything they do is analyzed and assessed in creating a unique id for each visitor. This is the matched to hotels and travel options that have been pre-assigned matchwords based on the hotel assessment.Hotels complete a 30 minute questionnaire with a team member who guides them through the process and helps establish the brand archetype.

PersonaHolidays Taps HowToFascinate in FascinatingTravelers Technology

PersonaHolidays FascinatingTravelers Technology taps HowToFascinate as Venture Partner

Lightening Fast Interactive Technology Engages Travelers




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