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New Age Personality Matching For Travel

Destination Marketers now have a new application that can literally transform travel planning and bookings.  It’s the latest application by PersonaHolidays, which is used by the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia and their Destination Marketing website. The app helps hotels groups and destination management organizations provide a better service to travelers using Personality Matching New Age Destination Marketing.

In this video of the Barbados East Coast eclectic hotels, we see a number of resorts that appeal to connoisseur travelers – those who like elegance with a bit of twist. It’s a rugged place on the Atlantic Ocean. Here waves roll in across a sea that stretches 4000 miles straight out to England with nothing in between. The waves can be massive at time and the place vibrates with the energy of the sea and the constant wind. You can get a sense of this in the video here:

Nuances of Character Connect Emotionally

What is most intriguing about this are the nuances of which spots are best suited for the different traveler personalities who enjoy rustic chic. They are a varied lot and the new personality matching app, which you can see live on the Barbados PersonaHolidays personality matching page, dishes up the very best option for each of the many personalities. Check it out to see and also look at the article which gives a general description of how it works.

There are several hotels that have been psychologically profiled using the PersonaHolidays Personality Brand Assessment. The assessment, which used Sally Hogshead Fascination Advantage Archetypes, gives a pretty good summary of the brand’s emotional appeal. That tells the system what sort of people the brand most appeals to.

the avant garde rustic personality matchingHotel Brands have Different Emotional Appeals

Atlantis Hotel, they say, is for the Avant Garde. That’s because it scored high on prestige and innovation. This implies that it appeals to connoisseurs who like a bit of a twist. The test rates personalty on twenty eight points. Hotel brands score very differently based on their ‘why’ and who they are.

In another case, described in the Barbados blog, we discover that the Sea-U Guest House appeals more to the Artisan connoisseur.

As they say “The Sea-U Guest House is decidedly the Artisan personality.”

sea-u-guest-house Artisan Personality New Age Destination Marketing“It is a small wooded main house and cottages in the Chattel-house style. It is tastefully decorated with mahogany and rustic art among locally hand-crafted clay lamps, batik and rattan chairs. It is cozy and artisan, open and breezy on a cliff by the ocean.”

The choice of decor and style of building is as decidedly artisan as the Owner/Manager who built it and keeps it true to its course.

Artisans, according to the Fascination Advantage assessments, are innovative and loyal. They are deliberate, thoughtful and flexible and score high on trust.

There are other variants – one hotel is the Soulful Connoisseur, another more rustic and frugal. It’s fascinating that in this tiny place, with just a few accommodation types and a very distinct ambience, we find many different personalities, who appreciate different aspects of what each resort offers.

Software Matching Hotel & Travelers by Personality

The PersonaHolidays app created for Destination Marketing organizations has substantially improved travelers’ experience and enjoyment of the holiday planning process; from searching for the right hotel to booking it.  In the case of Destination Marketing,  it has significantly improved engagement and booking conversion.

Its is a predictive and behavior analysis expert system that operates without intruding. While the hotels are assigned a set of personas,  travelers do not have to take any test. The system tracks their behavior and predicts their interest and personal likes. The hotel matchmaker works silently in the background learning with every click.   For a detailed description of personality hotel matching using ideas from HowToFacinate see our blog on  Fascinating

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Personality Matching New Age Destination Marketing

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