Spreading the Word: What, When, Where – Chapter 4

Spreading the Word: What, When, Where – Chapter 4

Chapter 3 of my book Digital Media covers the What of Content Marketing in some detail. Naturally content has to be published and Chapter 4 “What When Where”reviews several options for spreading the word.


Chapter 4 looks at Press Releases with specific examples and a review of the PR Services. It reviews the pros and cons of the leading services.

Your content network is a strategic marketing resource and each part of it must be coordinated to create a lasting brand and your distinctive message. Press releases, syndication, publishing, blogging, video and social media are the main component of this network and each has a special purpose. Chapter 3 gives practical advise of the role of each in your storytelling and brand messaging.

Video Distribution

Next up is video – by many counts the most used and most popular of all social media – with YouTube leading the pack. Video options are reviewed in detail again with specific examples and recommendations to make the most of this vital content. In addition to YouTube, Chapter 4 gives special mention to Vimeo which could offer a number of features and advantages noted in the chapter. There are several others that should get a mention. Dailymotion videos rank well and their advertising and promo options are varied.

Video Sharing
Not long ago there were dozens of video sites and videos were distributed by sharing them to social sites. Much of that has changed and now social sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., favour videos you load directly to their sites.

social media poularity chart

source https://www.digitalinformationworld.com/2019/01/most-popular-global-social-networks-apps-infographic.html

Social Media

For social media, Chapter 4 mentions Facebook and Instagram, the most popular social sites by members and users.  There are many more, as you know. Their ranking varies on what metrics are used. The Fan Base gives us the rank, as noted on the chart here. Most Used and Most Popular are given different rankings. If you are looking at Internet Use, YouTube comes to the top of the list but for User Base and Popularity, Facebook is #1 as shown in the Digital Information World Chart here.

Chapter 4 does not study the entire range of social accounts and their specific roles. We are adding bonuses on these for book buyers as there is much information we can add to help you plan a strategy. So keep watching this space.

Bonuses are listed on the site: MarketingHotelsTourismOnline.com/digitalmedia/

Chapter 4 Bonus

As part of that bonus, I am happy to offer some important tips on using Instagram. Instagram is now a hot channel for hotels, destination and travel brands and should be in every tourism site’s marketing plans. It’s like the best free brochure you can get anywhere. I am not personally an Instagram guru so I’ll simply share recommendations from others who are. One tip that worked well for me recently is sharing amazing photography from influencers. How to do that is Tip #3 in the list below.

You will notice that there are absolutely amazing photos on Instagram by some of the best photographers in the world. They set the pace for quality with highly polished images, often using sophisticated after effects, filters and optimization. According to the latest news, a CBC documentary concluded that there is a bit of a backlash to that, which is excellent. Today Instagram pages that are earthy and real are doing very well.

The Instagram Business site BarbadosTravel (for the destination Barbados.org) is trending well with 21,000 followers. It is a major tourism portal with good traffic and many followers of its own. Small businesses and personal accounts, however, often struggle to get meaningful traction.

Unless you are an influencer, a pop star, have a huge network or use spammy automation to Like and Follow, it’s hard work to get a huge base of sustainable followers.

Instagram Tips

1. Do not buy links and followers or use spammy automation tools.

2. Use approved tools – Examples are Buffer and Later. You can use these to schedule posts to many Instagram accounts.

I have several Instagram accounts and it is better to repost and share rather than uploading duplicate content. With Buffer, I can schedule posts to my personal Instagram account and then repost to several other accounts like LifestylesOfTheArtisan, my Book and others. See more about reposing after the tips.

3. Share amazing pictures from influencers.

I have found that this is a good way to boost your content and start to network with influencers. Remember that you must get permission to repost. Most Instagrammers will be delighted to get the extra exposure you might offer. However you should build up your content. Add quality videos and photography so that they see you are serious and credible. See How to Repost to Instagram  at the end of the tips.

4.  Set up an Instagram Business account and link it with Facebook. See: https://www.freelogoservices.com/blog/2018/02/20/how-to-set-up-an-instagram-account-for-your-business/

5. Promote your posts that are doing well. I ran a couple of Promos for my book at a cost of just $5 a day for 6 days. I got over 30,000 views and several clicks to my Amazon page. It gives you good exposure but ultimately, it’s what you you say in your profile and the content of your account that will get followers.

6. Use Hashtags Strategically. Here is a good resource to help you choose the right hashtags and shows you what to avoid: https://www.plannthat.com/how-to-find-instagram-hashtags/

7. Ask for Follows. Ask those who like your photos to follow you. I don’t do that but it’s a tactic that’s important if you really want to grow you followers. It is surprising to me that people who like your posts don’t automatically think to follow you but they do not even think of it. Once person who likes and comments on my account asked if we could network. I suggested we start by following each other and they did that immediately. You do have to ask.

How to Repost or Share an Instagram Photo or Video

I use this technique to repost amazing photos from professional photographers.
Find a photo you like, such as this spectacular photo below:

Reposting Techniques

i. Click on the image you like to display options
ii. Click the 3 buttons on the top right of the photo (as in above)

Instgram repost-old cape boat

1. Using Buffer to Schedule and Re-Post Videos and Photos

iii. Select the “Share to” option.
iv. Select Buffer (You will need to download Buffer on your phone and set it up in Buffer).
v. You can set up your Buffer to post direct or to post to your phone with a call to let you complete the post.

This is the most effective way I have found for what I want to do.

If you don’t have Buffer and don’t want to set it up, you can use an app like Repost App:

2.  Repost App for Instagram

repost app for instagram

2 iii. In this case, in step iii above choose “Copy link”.
2 iv. Open the Repost app and it will be automatically posted to the app.
2 v. Select it and click Repost. This will open up Options.
2 vi. Select Instagram and follow the steps it presents.
2 vii. When you get prompted to Add a Caption, just click & paste.
All the tags and credits will be applied.

There are several repost apps. I have used Repost App for Instagram. It’s easy to use and fairly intuitive.
The free download gives you a limited number of reposts. I quickly ran out of free reposts and upgraded to the paid version for approximately $2.90 US.

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