Anonymous in the Social Age

Anonymous in the Social Age

I posted a link to an article about Booking’com to Facebook. To be exact I posted it to buffer an automated service that schedules links out to several of my profiles including Facebook. The post looked like this (see on right) – A snipet of the article and a HUGE Ad featuring Booking’com.¬† Now I […]

How to Create a Sales Funnel with Facebook – SumAll

How to Create a Sales Funnel with Facebook Ads – SumAll. This is a good article following the recent note about differentiation. Here SumAll outlines a continuity strategy that target Facebook ads to niche interest groups. As search ranging continues to fail small hotels, advertising offers a viable alternative and Facebook offers the best option […]

The Future: What Businesses Need to Know

The Future: What Businesses Need to Know. this is a compilation of several presentations about the future. From the future of business, retail, work, Internet, big data, the CEO, Advertising, marketing and Innovation. Huge changes are in-store for us. Business and life is changing at an incredible pace and the pace of change is accelerating. […]

Twitter Hires Jennifer Prince from Google

Twitter Hires Googles’ Advertising Star Jennifer Prince is going to head social media company’s ad sales efforts in movie, and TV biz. For the full details Click the headline above. We are seeing a powerful trend here with online search and new hitting the mainstream broadcast and advertising media. Last week it was Jefff Besoz […]