How Visual Messaging is Transforming Travel Planning

How Pinterest and other Visual Messaging will transform travel planning. Visual Messaging is making waves in travel. its not new but what is new in the technology that enables us to use visuals and transform them into compelling marketing messages. Its not restricted to messages at all, and as we have discussed before its just […]

How The Visual Web Could Achieve Its Potential – ReadWrite

How The Visual Web Could Achieve Its Potential – ReadWrite. “Every single social media analytics tool that has ever been created has assumed text would be a constant,” he said. “As consumers increasingly communicate using pictures, they decreasingly use words. In a world where the text based cues become smaller and smaller, determining what an […]

How The Visual Web Will Help You See The Future – ReadWrite

Now, Pinterest is homing in on visual discovery with rich pins- associating contextual information with images. With its “Interests Project”, a service plans to know your obsessions before you realize them yourself. via Pinterest Cofounder Evan Sharp: How The Visual Web Helps You See The Future – ReadWrite.