Is Twitter Dying? – What Can Save It – MediaPost

MediaPost Publications The One Thing That Could Save Twitter 07/18/2014. There’s speculation on the death of Twitter centered on Wall Street sentiment like earnings (Twitter’s stock has been downgraded) and standard platform health metrics like new user growth rate, log-in frequency, and content engagement. But Twitter’s capacity to make money for its investors lies in […]

How Twitter Has Changed Over the Years in 12 Charts

How Twitter Has Changed Over the Years in 12 Charts – Alexis C. Madrigal – The Atlantic. Like the rest of the social networks that have survived, Twitter has changed, both in response to user and commercial demands. The user interface, application ecosystem, geographical distribution, and culture not what they were in 2010, let alone […]

How Travel Advertisers can Get Results from Social Media Marketing

How travel advertisers can crack the code of social media marketing. A recent PhoCusWright study found that “90% of travelers are active on social networks: 73% log on daily and 53% use their networks to look for deals (22% travel-related). And they post about their travels, more often while on the road (31%) than when […]

9 Best Practices for Hotels on Twitter

Nine Best Practices for Hotels on Twitter | ReviewPro – ReviewPro. Much of the ideas are pretty standard stuff here, but thr are a couple of ghems, like craeting a community. You have to think about it but if you can do this it will be great for business. I also will check out the […]