Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube – Think with Google

Travel Content Takes Off on YouTube – Think with Google.

The latest report by Think with Google shows a that two thirds of all U.S. consumers will view online videos when planning a trip. Community-generated content and people stories are popular with travelers but the professional Brand videos, such as Turkish Airlines, Disney Parks & Resorts and Expedia, are growing at 394% yearly.

Travelers are watching more online videos and engaging with them more than ever before, views are up 118% year over year. Approximately 30% of all travel video views were on a Mobile Device in 2013, with an increase of 97% on smartphones and 205% on tablets.

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for some examples of popular user generated video content check out the examples below:

How YouTube Can Generate Brand Authority & Bookings

How hotels can use YouTube to generate bookings.


We certainly have covered how important Video and YouTube in several articles here, this is a good round up and its current, so its worth reading.

Read it at the link above.

What we have found with YouTube is that if you set it up correctly and do about 10 things well – the Video will help you get a lot of authority for your brand and help you get listed on top of search results, getting more traffic and more direct booking..  Keep watching we are going to publish the ultimate guide to  #YouTubeAuthority.



5 Best Travel Ads to Watch

5 Best Travel Ads to Watch This Week – Skift.

Which of these 5 video ads do like best?

My vote is – I loved their last ad in 2013 (below) and this one makes me laugh. Its so tongue-in-cheek and silly, yet you get the message that they care. They don’t take themselves to seriously staying in contact with the child inside!

You can see the ad in the link to the 5 top above, and because I like it its also in one of our blogs

Here is the previous advertisement in 2013

You can detect the same deference but not so extreme!

On the subject of video working as a marketing strategy for tourism – see our blog on search ranking made easier with videos