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In our ongoing series of the new digital brand culture, this is a perfect example of the trend we discussed on the recent blog on new brand culture in the digital age.

The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia along with many tourism destination marketing authorities are now in the business of self publishing, and one of the best ways to do this is via your own magazine. Tourism destinations are looking for quality publication where they can also sponsor editorials and have professional journalist tell their story. Some bypass the media altogether and create their own publications which they put in multiple channels.

Travelersinsight Magazine Publication

Above: Travelersinsight Magazine Publication 3 D representation of the new brand culture self publishing for tourism.

Travelersinsight Magazine Publication - Contact Page

Travelersinsight Magazine Publication – Contact Page


TI Magazine has created several publication on tourism destinations all with the theme of presenting real and interesting people, culture and heritage to travellers. The Latest edition on Barbados holidays for The independent Traveller is no exception read all about it here >>>


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