Global Tourism Reopening Strategies

Plans for the reopening of global tourism vary as to timelines and strategies due to the many different scenarios, level of and control of the virus and options on what are safe and feasible global tourism reopening strategies. This blog reviews informed views and thinking across a wide spectrum of professions and the media.... read more

Tourism Crisis Post-COVID-19 Now

Digital Media Was a Huge Change – But What’s Next? What to Expect in the Tourism Crisis Post-COVID-19. The time to act and plan is now. Get up to speed with digital media and website branding now. The question now is about survival and the trade is racing in with wise advise on how... read more

What is Website Strategy Process

The Website Strategy Process is a set of techniques and a system for perfecting your website presence and positioning to gain trust and build brand integrity. It was developed and perfected by the Power Marketing Consultant Network as a way to amplify your brand website for digital marketing.   Messaging, Hot Buttons & Website... read more

The Keys to Travel Marketing

Keywords as Vital Today as a Decade Ago The first book in the series Marketing Hotels and Tourism is the award-winning WEBSITE. It’s an illustrated guide to the WEBSITE process and marketing strategy. The book starts by evaluating the dramatic changes in hotel and tourism marketing in the digital age. Like everything in the... read more

Lessons From Thomas Cook’s Failure

  The failure of Thomas Cook, a huge travel brand, should be a warning to all tourism companies about the dramatic changes in tourism today. The lessons from Thomas Cook’s failure should not be ignored. In this summary, we look at several news sources and analyses. The company cites the instability of some prime destinations... read more

How Social Media Changed Hotel Tourism Marketing

52% Travelers Changed Travel Plans  recent report by Sprout Social found that 52% of travelers in their study changed their travel plans based on what the learned on social media. It is a prime example of How Social Media Has Changed Tourism, especially as it relates to hotel and travel marketing. A similar study... read more

12 Tips to Make Instagram Promos Buzz

In this Instagram Tutorial “12 Tips to Make Instagram Promos Buzz” you will Learn how to get the most out of your Instagram-promotions. The tutorial reviews case studies of what has worked and not and explains why. PROMOS are a easy way to advertise your post – It can be seen by a large... read more

Instagram Strategies Tapping Influencers in Tourism

This instagram tutorial explain all you need to know about influencers. Several Instagram Strategies Tapping Influencers in Tourism are examined. The specifics of how this applies to marketing hotels and travel are explained in detail. There are Mega influencer, Micro Influencers and right now the trending influencers are Nano-influencer. An article in New York... read more
Marketing Strategies
New Book Digital Media Marketing Practical Advice For Hospitality

New Book Digital Media Marketing Practical Advice For Hospitality

Ian R. Clayton, Best-selling author of HOTEL WEBSITE Strategies, has followed up with Book 2 Digital Media Marketing for Hotel & Tourism Hospitality. The book is full of simple, fascinating ways to get ranked on Google, get featured in the press and across all media and ultimately to drive visitors to your SALES Funnel...
Website Strategy Process Implementation

Website Strategy Process Implementation

  Amplify Your Brand With a Powerful Website Strategy Bonus examples for Book 1 in the series Website Strategy Process Implementation is one of the many complimentary reports available as a Bonus to buyers of the book WEBSITE or any of the books in the Marketing Hotels & Tourism series. To get all...

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