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10 conversion optimization takeaways from Disney World is a  helpful article by Josh Garofalo May 5, 2016 where he dissects an ad by Disney. They know how to market, there is no doubt about that! Josh puts it all into perspective showing how Disney uses all of the HotButtons and triggers you need to have to make an ad work. it is especially relevant today as shoppers have less attention and you have to get the right message to them in away that grabs their attention and hits on their triggers.

As he says – The ad must have a good landing page “In our recent podcast and blog article on creating winning PPC campaigns, we discussed at length about the importance of good landing pages and the key elements within that help increase conversion rates. We’d like to show you what that actually means in terms of a real travel marketing campaign”.

That’s exactly what he does by looking at the landing page for a Pay Per Click ad on Disney World vacation packages. Read the numbers belwo that describes the messaging. Brilliant

Check out the source for full description of these 10 points.
Source: 10 conversion optimization takeaways from a Disney World vacation landing page – Blog – Travel TripperBlog – Travel Tripper


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