10 Top Trends in Tourism Marketing

Ten essential takeaways from up-to-the-minute travel research .

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Just out of the UK Travel News Conference: Travel is strong  expected to increase its total contribution to GDP by 3.2% in 2013 – More  than the 2.4% expected the economy in total.


In the 10 highlight I like


4. Customers are broadcasters on the go. This was theme in my book on How to Build Your Business Online and again in my new book for Hoteliers coming soon.

5. Suprisingly last minute bookings are now 45.3% for travellers using tablets and 43.8 for mobile travellers. Last minuet here was defined as travel within a week of booking.


There is lots more, good stats on mobile ascent, why you need a muti-channel strategy and so on – go to the article for full details >>









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