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21322253761_img-mobiletrends.jpgThe mobile is a constant ever increasing piece of technology that is becoming more and more affordable and convenient for people all over the world to use, not just using it for communication but for social statutory reasons as well.

The mobile phone is by far the greatest consumer product in history with about 2.8Billion hands sets in use worldwide outnumbering tvs with a ratio of 2:1 (2 to 1) and computers with a ratio of 3:1 (3 to 1). DEFINITION AND TYPES OF MOBILE MARKETINGWhat is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is a “marketing method” of promoting one’s business using a mobile phone. There are different types of mobile marketing and these include SMS (text) marketing, mobile web and Bluetooth proximity marketing, MMS, mobile applications, PPC mobile marketing, mobile banner ads, Location-based marketing, voice marketing, mobile games and Barcodes/QR codes.

A. Text/SMS Marketing- Short message service (SMS) or sent to potential customers through the mobile phone using a short code with is a short number of 4-6 digits or a short code with it the usual 9 digit number system, that is referred to as a long code. For example: Get 15% of all checked T-Shirts when you shop at Marks n Spencer outlets countrywide.”

B. Mobile Web- 90% of mobile handsets are internet ready. This is basically advertising on internet web pages that are supposed to be for mobile technology.Ads by GoogleUnique Master FranchiseFast growing tel & emarketing group is looking for internat. partners! Top Franchise OpportunitySetup An IT Distribution Business in UR country, High Profit Margins

C. Bluetooth Proximity Marketing- utilizes Bluetooth to connect with a marketers broadcasting station and station is programmed to automatically deliver content to the consumers’ phone. It automatically authenticates its make and model and sends the content.

D. MMS (multi-media message service)- these are messages that are sent to customers in the form of video, pictures and audio.

E. Mobile Applications- this from of mobile marketing involves have your ads inside of an application design. Basically it is a normal mobile application that includes an advert within it.

F. PPC (Pay Per Call) Mobile Marketing- these are usually advertisements that require the customer to perform a certain action like making a phone call usually with the provided number that the ad gives. If the customer makes a call to that number they are then billed.

G. Mobile Banner Ads- this is when you see a mobile phone on a website with an advertisement on the screen. It doesn’t always have to be like this but marketers like to do this for creativity purposes. So in essence it’s just a standard banner ad but now customized to fit and cater to mobile phone websites.

H. Location-Based Marketing- this type of mobile marketing uses GPS and other software technologies to locate mobile phone users according to their current location and then send adverts and other information to them (usually multi-media).

I. Voice marketing- these are pre-recorded messages that are broadcast numbers from a computer managed list. IVR (Interactive voice response) is that automated voice that guides you through your mobile provider’s customer mobile service section.

J. Mobile Games- Mobile games that the user downloads that advertise a company or its services and products and aims to entice the user to respond to the advertisement.

K. Barcodes/QR (quick-response barcodes)- codes that allow mobile users to easily obtain information via the use of their mobile.

As you can see the use of marketing with the mobile phone is not restricted and due to technology will only get easier and easier.

Little fact: 90% of people read their text messages, 85% respond positively to marketing messages.

As you can now see with these statistics that mobile marketing is the marketing strategy of the future and many people all over the world have already started doing it. if you do not take this opportunity right now then you will miss out and you want to be in on it early.

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