12 Tips to Make Instagram Promos Buzz

In this Instagram Tutorial “12 Tips to Make Instagram Promos Buzz” you will Learn how to get the most out of your Instagram-promotions. The tutorial reviews case studies of what has worked and not and explains why.

PROMOS are a easy way to advertise your post – It can be seen by a large audience that you would not otherwise attract. In the video showcased we see how a 40$ budget got 1,400 likes, 324 saves, 898 profile visits and 809 clicks.

Now that does not mean all promos will deliver these results. In fact there are many videos showing what may be total failures. But the fact is that good results are attainable if you do it right. For example many instgramers think it is smart to make a post look like an advertisement. The stats show ads do not get the emotional engagement that a real people based image or video do. Instagramers like real interactions and images with people do best.

It’s all explained in the tutorials along with my personal fiascos with promos of my book. Learn from my mistakes of what not to do.

12 Tips to Make Instagram Promos Buzz also covers vital information that you will need to track and evaluate your promos. It shares links to apps and resources that help you monitor and manage your campaigns. Measuring your success on Instagram is just one of the 12 points to cover. It is much more than tracking reach, likes and comments. You need to  use the right tools, apps and strategies to measure and evaluate how each post is converting as you optimize the strategy for each campaign.


See the full list and links on the tutorial

instagram promoted post

example of an instagram post that may be promoted- Also called sponsored posts. Its an easy way  advertise

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