How Fragmented Marketing is Killing Business

How Fragmented Marketing is Killing Business

This blog on Fragmented Marketing is part of the AllCast Power Marketing Consultants private members DVD video and audio collection. These are tapes by PMC founder Diego Rodriguez that cover 17 areas of market strategies and tactics used in the PMC network. AllCastMarketing is making several of these available to members and for now membership is still free so it a great time to get in on one of the best power marketing training anywhere. The tapes and other strategic resources, tips, guides and checklist are available on the Members Site at

In this video the 3rd in the series of the Rodrigues PMC taps, Diego explains how we all get sucked into allowing marketing to become piecemeal and fragmented. Mostly Fragmented Marketing happens by false economy, when business owners allow printers and graphic artists to dabble with content. But content is the brand message. It has to form part of an overall messaging strategy. In building the message we need to consider everything about the brand; its triggers, hot buttons, sales funnels, channels, media and its various markets. Behind all of this is understanding neurological science of the brain and how the reticular activators work.

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You simple cannot expect a printer to know all the intricacies of your brand and your market and more importantly your strategy and the psychology behind it. For this you need a consultant to help build a plan and strategies to accomplish the objectives.

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Neurological  Science Reticular Activating System & Triggers

Neurological Science Reticular Activating System & Triggers

This video delves into Brain Waves and the Reticular Activating System that determines what one pays attention to or filters out. It’s important to understand this in order to create effective messaging strategies and sales triggers. We call them Hot Buttons. They are Activators – that is, they present something that is familiar, unusual or problematic that is relevant and important to the client.

The brain is fascinating, so understanding its neurology is vital to creating effective marketing systems. This video is the eighth in the DVD series of Power Marketing Secrets and Strategy, which is available without charge at

What You will Learn from The Video Series

You will learn about your Reticular Activating System, or RAS. You will learn about your brain waves and how to capture the attention of your prospects RAS in a way that will make them snap out of Alpha Auto mode and into Beta Conscious mode. You will also learn how to do this using activators with things that are familiar, unusual, or problematic. In the next video, AllCast Power Marketing will show you how to find and create the right activators and put this knowledge to work for you in your business.

Neuro Reticulaire information-processing

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5 Psychological Triggers That Get More Sales – Social Triggers

5 Psychological Triggers That Get More Sales – Social Triggers

Phychology of sales5 Psychological Triggers that Get More Sales – SocialTriggers Over the past year, Markhat blogs have covered, in varying degrees, sales funnels, hot button, buying motivators and the many Psychological triggers that drive sales and direct bookings. This article goes a bit more in depth into some of the master key and triggers. If sign up to their database, you will also get a free book. I have not the book yet read but will review bit shortly and add my comments shortly. So check back for the update as i give you my assessment on how helpful and insightful it is. Based-on on this article I expect will be helpful.

 5 Keys that Motivate Buyers

The blog cover 5 keys as they say and these include everything from “how less choice leads to more sales” to “how mystery increases bookings”.  A rather unusual key is “Why hate mail is good for you” As Derek Halpern founder of Socialtriggers says “When you’re running a website… a business… hate mail is evidence that you’re doing something right.”  The other two keys remind us that “People actually like paying for stuff” and that “Loss aversion  is a bigger trigger than gain”. This last, he says, makes no sense from a logical point of view but in reality travelers, like any other consumer, just hate to loose-out on something. This of course is why marketers add “scarcity” into their campaigns. In travel the OTAs display how many people are looking at a room and how many are rooms left, in order to indicate that they are scarce and you have to act n ow. You will  often see notices on expedia and that say “Book now” or “only one room left” for example. Its a good round up of 5 triggers but of course there are many more.

Authority is perhaps the most compelling of them all.

Here are a couple of videos explaining what is authority, what it means and how you can create it. .. Ben Newman

Ian R Clayton  Tourism Marketing- Publishing For Authority

More like this got to for Free Video tutorial on Hotel and Tourism Marketing

Another way to understand triggers is simple to study the brain, particularly the importance of brain waves, neurological science and the reticular activating system as they relate to attention, activation and sales triggers.


About Derek Halperns’ Book

I did mention above that if you signup you will get a downlaod ebook on Triggers- I got the book and glanced thru it, reading headlines and tit bits. Its a personal account of how he struggled to make sense of marketing and as he says “Finally, I ended up with Social Triggers, which you probably heard that I built from scratch in March 2011 to more than 125,000 subscribers just 2 years later.”

Impressive – their is lots of good advise of the sort you will not find everywhere so its worth a read. The book is really a promotion of SocialTriggers as a service so read with that in mind and make your own evaluation.

The big takeaway is that you need a personal brand and it has to be insanely specific. He will tell you all about that in the book. I don’t personally know or have any contact with Derek and I don’t get anything if you buy anything from him. My interest in writing these blogs is to provide honest reviews and helpful advice.

Yes, I can learn something for Dereks’ book. With luck I will find time to implement one or two ideas!!  Like creating my new personal brand- I think I like Tourism Hot Buttons Psycho Guy!  Well .. it needs some refining 🙂 And I am going to reach out to him now!! You can too at SocialTriggers

Hope you find this useful.

To your Success  .. Ian

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Message Personalization in Travel Hospitality – A Journey Not a Destination | Adobe

Message Personalization in Travel Hospitality – A Journey Not a Destination | Adobe

Travel and Hospitality Personalization Is Not a Destination, It’s a Journey | Adobe.


Logic suggests  that email, websites and mobile devices can and should deliver messages on one-on-one bases more about messaging strategies in the digital age >>>. However ,  research show that this is not being done and the messaging system of the internet and especially hotel and tourism websites is still in broadcast mode, communicating to all and to unknown traveler guests.

Mohammad Gaber of Adobe adds “Leveraging advanced data sources such as contextual and third- and second-party data enhance the quality of personalization. Large swaths of addressable digital/physical experiences remain impersonal.” and he says we need to rethink our messaging strategies in the digital and personal age.Start with understanding the data (as data forms the foundation for being able to personalize in the right way).”



How Message Personalization in Travel Hospitality Fail to Communicate

Our messaging system tend to overwhelm when they are not personal. In fact most tourism content suffers from being too much when less is actually far more effective. Gaber suggest “In general, first-party, opt-in data from your customer relationship management (CRM) system is the ideal starting point, especially in addressing known customers.”

He also points out personalization has been hampered by privacy concerns, especially with respect to using personal data. 2016 he says may be the year that all this changes as we move along the path of sharing and common rights to information. I find this interesting and look forward to finding out more on rights and issues with  respect to privacy concerns, intrusion and confidentiality.

Messaging is  a big part of the Power Marketing Consultants business coaching program. The website offers many tips, guides and tutorials on the Psychology of messaging and effective marketing in the age of systematization and automation. All things in balance, we cannot hope to compete today without sales systems and process in place. The All Cast power consultants guides take you step by step thru key aspects of buyer motivation, the sales funnel and continuity automation.


More on PersonalazationPsychology triggers that Get more sales and Bookings
Why Less is More
Messaging Strategies of Power Consultants
PowerMarketing Tutorial and Resources

Re-Branding in the Digital Age to Preserve SEO

Re-Branding in the Digital Age to Preserve SEO

When a Name Change Can Destroy Search Rank

I was recently leading a re-branding initiative for a hospitality business so this article caught my eye. Should have read it before the project perhaps but re-branding in the digital age is a long term project and we learn and adapt as we move forward. In the case of my client, formerly know as Poinsettia Apartments St. Lucia, they want to move from being an apartment holiday resort to more accurately reflect the reality of their target client who is the independent minded traveller. The new brand will see the url change to PoinsttiaVillas with the tag line of “St. Lucia Ocean view Villa Resort”. The lines between what is an an apartment and a villa are redefined today as apartments like those at poinsettia take on the attributions in space, privacy and services now associated with a villa resort.

The Digital Footprint is Ubiquitous

The digital footprint for Poinsettia, is however, deep with backlinks, Press Releases, videos, blogs and articles that anchor them in time and place as a holiday vacation apartment. It will take time to build the new identity and in the process we must preserve their first page ranking and authority of the existing brand. Even the best SEO experts and brand professional will fall into the history trap. We know a lot about SEO but their were some surprises that made the heart rate jump. We will share that with you in an upcoming post.

Branding Hot Buttons

To abandon a brand such as st. lucia apartment and change to “villas”  would ignore the past and present and simple wipe the brand off the map long before you could build a new one.  With all the best precautions you simple cannot be sure what will happen. In our case Google just did not re-index the site as we expected and the team had long hours of work to make that happen. I will share the entire story with you soon. For the re-branding job we called in one of the worlds top marketers, Deigo Rodriguez the founder of power marketing consultants a world wide association of some 200 specially trained consultants which AXSES all Cast Marketing joined in 2015. Diego was instrumental in helping define the target market more clearly and pin pointing the hot-buttons or triggers which motivate these buyers. All about that and the science of buying motivators will follow in a future article.

Branding Strategies & Tools

So now let let me share this article about re-branding with you. Its by Lisa MacKenzie founder of the MacKenzie marketing Group and the entire article is available on Weebly: How Does a Branding Company Re-Brand? Insider Tips from a Branding Expert – Lisa talks about PrestoBox, which we will cover later also. Lisa says “PrestoBox offers a great process that helps you think about yourself as a company in a more personal way. Instead of relying on written briefs, PrestoBox articulates your core values through fun images. The interface is elegant and simple and the tools are really easy to use and thought provoking. It takes you through a very streamlined path to branding without a lot of meetings, reviews and discussion.”

Her article is based on her own real life experience of re-branding her own company. It is worth reading. Keep in contact with us on these pages as we put together a full analysis of our clients and other brand campaigns to give you the best insights on re-branding in the digital age, where SEO and history take on a significance and permanence you should not ignore.

Rebrand to Preserve SEO

As Lisa say branding is “more than just the logo. A brand should include all of the parts and pieces: your website, your business card, even the patterns and colors that you put on your wall!” to which we add “a Brand on the internet that is already ranking on search engines will loose its entire history and place if you do not phase it well. More on that soon. In the meantime have a look at a work in progress on the rebranding of Poinsettia villa apartments for rent in St. Lucia – Click here for the least work and check out the carefully crafted video on what the Independent traveller wants>>. St. Lucia – moving to Villa Aparments and finally to St. Lucia Ocean View villa Resort.

Here is one of the re-branding videos

re-branding in the digital age

re branding


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