Avid Travellers Barbados Guide

Avid Travellers Barbados Guide

Avid Travellers Barbados Guide is the latest blog on Barbados by Calum Glenny, The Avid Traveller. Calum has some advice for anyone considering a visit to or already on vacation in the island: One of his suggestion is to check out regional beach bars, restaurants, and shops. The island is made for outside living, nature, and an enviable way of life. There is much to do outdoors both at day and night, from stargazing to exploring the nooks and crannies of the island that only local Bajans know.

Calum shares many of his favourite attractions like Janelle’s Homemade Natural Juices and her delightful ginger and sea moss beverage and several more creative personalities.

Avid Travellers Barbados Guide Meets Janelle

Avid Travellers Barbados Guide

Calum Adds: “It’s with Joy to see my Barbados guide published om Markhat, Barbados.org, and Rogues in Paradise, Markhat , and TravelWatchNews, amongst others.”


The Avid Travellers Barbados Guide, by Calum Glenny is a personal account of his experience Going Local in Barbados: It is an “Absolutely Charming” account of the wonderful people who make the island special. His journey takes you to many parts of the island with a focus on the people; the vendors, guides, taxi people, chefs, entrepreneurs and everyday folk, who are the story of Barbados


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See the full story at https://barbados.org/blog/barbados-local-guides-experiences


the Avid Traveller Guide to Barbados
Calum Glenny- The Avid Traveller

See the full blog ar https://barbados.org/blog/barbados-local-guides-experiences

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