5 Digital Trends Changing Hotel and Tourism Marketing

5 digital trends changing travelDigital Marketing trends that are changing how e market hotels and tourism destinations.

Perhaps the biggest and most powerful force for change in travel marketing is Mobile, it is simple going to pull the foundation from under the pillars of all the established platforms.

Mobile technology is playing havoc now but when coupled with the consumer changes like the advent of millennials doing their own thing, it is devastating some businesses and many industry practices.

The new generation Z are said to “Wake up Connected” and what that means to travel is just begining to emerge!

global trends in travel marketing

global trends in travel marketing that effect hotels ad tourism destinations

The 5 Digital Trends Changing Hotel and Tourism Marketing seem as Shaping the Future of travel by Marketing Technology Blog and  in the SDL infographic are:

“Social Amplification, Personalization, Digital Do-it-Yourself millennials, Visual marketing and Mobile.

Other factors and forces are at play including the increasing role of government to control the growing monopole of OTAs as the industry consolidates and the most successful get bigger. Governments are taking issue with fair rate policies and insisting that small hotels have control over heir marketing strategies and pricing.

While the digital trends above are forcing a shift in balance from the biggest to the global consumer and tourism provider – these other forces, like the possible end of rate parity now blowing in the wind, are also creating a more even playing field.

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