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Phychology of sales5 Psychological Triggers that Get More Sales – SocialTriggers Over the past year, Markhat blogs have covered, in varying degrees, sales funnels, hot button, buying motivators and the many Psychological triggers that drive sales and direct bookings. This article goes a bit more in depth into some of the master key and triggers. If sign up to their database, you will also get a free book. I have not the book yet read but will review bit shortly and add my comments shortly. So check back for the update as i give you my assessment on how helpful and insightful it is. Based-on on this article I expect will be helpful.

 5 Keys that Motivate Buyers

The blog cover 5 keys as they say and these include everything from “how less choice leads to more sales” to “how mystery increases bookings”.  A rather unusual key is “Why hate mail is good for you” As Derek Halpern founder of Socialtriggers says “When you’re running a website… a business… hate mail is evidence that you’re doing something right.”  The other two keys remind us that “People actually like paying for stuff” and that “Loss aversion  is a bigger trigger than gain”. This last, he says, makes no sense from a logical point of view but in reality travelers, like any other consumer, just hate to loose-out on something. This of course is why marketers add “scarcity” into their campaigns. In travel the OTAs display how many people are looking at a room and how many are rooms left, in order to indicate that they are scarce and you have to act n ow. You will  often see notices on expedia and booking.com that say “Book now” or “only one room left” for example. Its a good round up of 5 triggers but of course there are many more.

Authority is perhaps the most compelling of them all.

Here are a couple of videos explaining what is authority, what it means and how you can create it. .. Ben Newman

Ian R Clayton  Tourism Marketing- Publishing For Authority

More like this got to TourismMarketingMachines.com for Free Video tutorial on Hotel and Tourism Marketing

Another way to understand triggers is simple to study the brain, particularly the importance of brain waves, neurological science and the reticular activating system as they relate to attention, activation and sales triggers.


About Derek Halperns’ Book

I did mention above that if you signup you will get a downlaod ebook on Triggers- I got the book and glanced thru it, reading headlines and tit bits. Its a personal account of how he struggled to make sense of marketing and as he says “Finally, I ended up with Social Triggers, which you probably heard that I built from scratch in March 2011 to more than 125,000 subscribers just 2 years later.”

Impressive – their is lots of good advise of the sort you will not find everywhere so its worth a read. The book is really a promotion of SocialTriggers as a service so read with that in mind and make your own evaluation.

The big takeaway is that you need a personal brand and it has to be insanely specific. He will tell you all about that in the book. I don’t personally know or have any contact with Derek and I don’t get anything if you buy anything from him. My interest in writing these blogs is to provide honest reviews and helpful advice.

Yes, I can learn something for Dereks’ book. With luck I will find time to implement one or two ideas!!  Like creating my new personal brand- I think I like Tourism Hot Buttons Psycho Guy!  Well .. it needs some refining 🙂 And I am going to reach out to him now!! You can too at SocialTriggers

Hope you find this useful.

To your Success  .. Ian

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