Travel Booking Websites Loose Out to New Technology

7 Most Popular Types of Travel Booking Websites of 2013 – Skift

This article is packed with valuable information. My takeaway today is the surprising fact that both OTAS and Brands have fallen in market share over the last 5 years. See search evolution on moz for details on this.

OTAs and OTAS and brands loose market share

Onine Travel Agents and Brands loose market share to new Technology

Not surprising when you think about it, there is more competition and more alternatives and both these sectors are not doing that well. First is the brands; we saw recently that travelers find hotel websites boring

We see Expedia loosing market share and we know all OTAs are getting squeezed as they spend more on adverting for marginal returns. In my view the technology for travel planning and bookings is old hat and needs a new approach. is a case in point, more and more travelers are looking for a better way to search and plan. Visual system are hot but tradition bookings systems are not.


Watch out for the revolution as visual bookings start to revamp the tourism landscape.



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