Personalization’s Impact on Hotels – Insights from PhocusWire Webinar

Personalization’s Impact on Hotels – Insights from PhocusWire Webinar

Source: VIDEO: Personalization and its impact on hotels – past, present and future | PhocusWire

Kevin May hosted a panel of industry leaders to discuss what personalization for hotels and hospitality is in the current Digital Media. The panel included Charlie Osmond of Triptease, Nancy Rademaker of Nexxworks, Antonio Figueiredo of Salesforce and Gary Mayger of PROS. This blog summaries salient points and the insights of the discussion.

What is Personalization for Hotel Guests?

Kevin – Personalization is a powerful tool where a company knows what you want to buy before you even thought about it. What do you think it is?

Charlie – Hoteliers do personalization very well, every day, all the time, in a face-to-face way.

Example: On arriving at this hotel, a concierge noted I had no suitcase and was looking around. He asked: “are you attending an event?” – Perfect personalization.

Much of the time, we may try to sell a room when they want to know where to go for a pint. Different people have different needs and you should treat them in different ways.

Tony – People are trying to get more and more connected. You need to be in front of them for every step of the journey: Pre-stay, The Trip, The Stay, Post-Stay.

If you only connect when they are in the hotel, it’s too late.

It’s about the mindset of the experience – from the inspiration to completion of the journey and return.

Garry – It’s about interpretation of needs based on behavior. Then ensure friction-less delivery of recommendations instantly. The most important piece is that it has to be friction-less.

Nancy – Unlearning old patterns is where we fall short. Unlearning is about being open to new experiences and getting in touch with the people who are experiencing with you.

Understand what the Chinese want. It’s a massive new customer group that we know little about. We need to get out there and experiment.

Charlie Go to your coffee shop and ask people to book your hotel. You will be amazed. We send our designers out to interview and interact with people who may use our product.

When is Personalization Most Effective?

Kevin – What phase of the buying cycle does personalization work best in?

Garry – People don’t wait anymore. Get the offer right at every phase.

Tony – Ask, “have you stayed with us before?”, when they first inquire. We miss that too often and it’s very powerful if you know they have and can gain access to their information. Repeat clients are high-value and the highest value customers get different treatment.

Charlie – Lifetime value of your client is the key, not just what the value is on this occasion!  It’s at the beginning  that it really counts. Get the offer right at every stage, starting with the first step.

Tony –  Sell at ever stage.  Sell Earlier – Sell Relevantly – Sell Direct – Sell More.

Who is Most likely to Succeed and Benefit From it?

Kevin – Are OTAs in a better chance of winning in personaliztion because they have so much data?

Nancy – The Chinese because they have one integrated centralized system. In China, precision marketing is at the next level as it’s all on the same platform.

Charlie – OTAs have a good chance of winning / profiting as they have the data.  But Google could really nail it. They use info in your emails to personalize your recommendations.

Garry – Content must be bookable and the offer must be trusted. What I see is what I get. You must get it right the first time and every time.

We are missing this a lot in the very segmented data and get it wrong too many times.

Is Creepiness an Issue?

I.e., is their too much access to personal information and prying?

Garry – I don’t worry about it. I think it’s a very low risk. People’s imagination is far greater that the reality.

Nancy – My daughters, who are in their early 20’s, don’t care what you do so long as it helps them.

Tony – The sharing economy around data is going to get more and more evolved. Just watch how it’s going to be nudged up. Creepy is not an issue if it helps and adds value.

Garry – For my Dad, everything is creepy but my 19-year-old son will just go for it.

Millennial’s don’t care and they are the future!


More To Watch and Hear

The discussion went far deeper than this summary. I just pulled out bits that resonate with me. It goes on to discuss Amazon, which everyone says is going to be a challenge. But no one knows quite how and when. Remember: they tried before and gave up, so next time, they must get it right… maybe with an acquisition.  See the Webinar here

For more on Personalization and Artificial Intelligence and Behavior Responsive systems see:

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Expedia CEO Mark Okerstromon Personalization

Expedia CEO Mark Okerstromon Personalization

TNOOZE – Tnooz Mark Okerstrom

Source: Expedia CEO Mark Okerstrom on learnings from Dara, continuing Expedia’s culture and global growth

It’s a treat to hear Mark Okerstrom say Personalization is the next frontier. We know he’s right on target with outstanding results from our pioneering application It has increased engagement and call-to-action by 300% – check this video >>

It’s now installed as an active live app for the Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia. We have discussions well under way for several Canadian applications and we’re in discussions with a global new age OTA. We’ll keep you posted on this exciting venture.

Here is What Expedia Said:

Tnooze – What are your personal and professional thoughts on personalization and the road ahead to get better at matching offers to people and provide more targeted services to customers across all your brands?

Expedia –

“Honestly, I think it’s a huge opportunity. It’s the next big thing potentially”.

Paraphrasing his comments, he tells us: The first wave of online travel evolution, or revolution, was about making the dull text-based green screen of the travel agents more engaging and opening them up to travelers.

But that is where we still are, he adds.

Where we need to go is back to the 70s and 80s, when travel agents knew where you stayed and, “they knew what type of hotels you liked and they knew where you like to go in the summer and where you like to go in the winter. And they could already tailor their offering to you.”

Expedia is not quite there yet, but they can beat anyone!

It is a race between man and machine and man is still winning. He adds that, because of Expedia’s size, capabilities and vast data, They can do this “better than anyone else in the industry”!

We Shall See…

None of the OTAs have made any significant strides toward true personalization. They have studied data to exhaustion but have failed to understand personality.

It seems to me that understanding data and personality are different skill sets. You need to work with physiologists who have already defined the concept of PersonaBranding. Every hotel must be branded in this way.

New Suite of Technology Needed
PersonaHolidays is a suite of technology that includes the application that travelers see and that helps them make the right choices based on nuances and not just location, price and amenities.

It requires a PersonaBranding technology and a travel matchmaker engine, as in Once branded, the matchmaker interfaces the inference engine and the brand personality to create the right match.

Inference Engine
You must built an inference engine that translates every interaction into Matchwords and travel personas that can be matched back to hotels. This is an entirely different and separate approach to the PersonaBranding. But the two are tightly linked with numerous databases that are evaluating and perfecting the cross references and ultimate matches.

Nuclear Search
It requires a new Search and Compare system that is immediate, visual and insightful. These systems have been used in nuclear and chemical sciences using organic algorithms that provide ultra fast search, filtering and matching.

A Total Departure From the Way Things Are!
These system are unlike anything used in travel. It requires intelligence that looks for indicators of compatibly and contrary indicators that together validate the overall ‘right fit’ in an evolutionary process.

In PersonaHolidays the result is stunning interactions with pages that dance in immediate response to every click at the speed of thought!


Here is a full demo of the system:

More about PersonaHolidays Matchmaker Engine see –


PersonaHolidays is a technology that can be added to any tourism destination marketing site, as well as the sites of hotel and tourism associations, hotel chains, and city and travel marketing agencies. It is being licensed to the Barbados Tourism Authority with several other contracts now underway.

The PersonaHolidays application may also be set up as a 3rd-party marketing site for any interested party.






The Automation Personalization Divide [INFOGRAPHIC] – Tnooz

The Automation Personalization Divide [INFOGRAPHIC] – Tnooz

the automation oersonalisation divide
The Automation Personalization Divide is causing some to wonder if people matter as systems seem to be taking over

Source: The automation and personalisation conundrum [INFOGRAPHIC] – Tnooz

The infographics below have an interesting title, don’t you think?

Personalization without people: Sounds like a contradiction in terms. In fact, systems today are getting pretty smart at gathering data from all sources, with systems and software even analyzing what you do on a website. Systems have immediate access to more information than people do. They know how to get data and how to put it together to create inferences and knowledge. See out blog on Big Data >>>>

This is a subject we at AXSES AllCast Productions kn0w a lot about. AXSES, after all, did publish the world’s first dynamic packaging system that matches travelers with hotels based on personality. That was, which in now morphing into PersonaHolidays. See link under video below.

Learning to use Automation & AI

PersonaHolidays, an intelligent personality matching technology, is proving to be very engaging. Travelers’ feedback is amazingly positive and engagement on the site is a whopping 50% better that the previous hotel search and booking engines. We are all learning how to use automation, which seem inevitable as people just can’t do it all. Getting your message out is not as simple as it used to be when there were few main broadcasters.

Today, branding and marketing require putting information out on all digital media. That means building brand networks, syndicating videos, making graphic tweets, communication on all social media, distributing Press Releases and following up with email and messaging. All of this requires automation. That is unavoidable. System and data are merging to create the intelligent solution that we need.

The new intelligent systems can deliver very personal results and highly relevant recommendations. They are outperforming the established way of doing things, offering personalization that is not found on the conventional travel channels.

Be Amazed!

See Details at

Infographics by Tnooz

Source: – Tnooz

Message Personalization in Travel Hospitality – A Journey Not a Destination | Adobe

Message Personalization in Travel Hospitality – A Journey Not a Destination | Adobe

Travel and Hospitality Personalization Is Not a Destination, It’s a Journey | Adobe.


Logic suggests  that email, websites and mobile devices can and should deliver messages on one-on-one bases more about messaging strategies in the digital age >>>. However ,  research show that this is not being done and the messaging system of the internet and especially hotel and tourism websites is still in broadcast mode, communicating to all and to unknown traveler guests.

Mohammad Gaber of Adobe adds “Leveraging advanced data sources such as contextual and third- and second-party data enhance the quality of personalization. Large swaths of addressable digital/physical experiences remain impersonal.” and he says we need to rethink our messaging strategies in the digital and personal age.Start with understanding the data (as data forms the foundation for being able to personalize in the right way).”



How Message Personalization in Travel Hospitality Fail to Communicate

Our messaging system tend to overwhelm when they are not personal. In fact most tourism content suffers from being too much when less is actually far more effective. Gaber suggest “In general, first-party, opt-in data from your customer relationship management (CRM) system is the ideal starting point, especially in addressing known customers.”

He also points out personalization has been hampered by privacy concerns, especially with respect to using personal data. 2016 he says may be the year that all this changes as we move along the path of sharing and common rights to information. I find this interesting and look forward to finding out more on rights and issues with  respect to privacy concerns, intrusion and confidentiality.

Messaging is  a big part of the Power Marketing Consultants business coaching program. The website offers many tips, guides and tutorials on the Psychology of messaging and effective marketing in the age of systematization and automation. All things in balance, we cannot hope to compete today without sales systems and process in place. The All Cast power consultants guides take you step by step thru key aspects of buyer motivation, the sales funnel and continuity automation.


More on PersonalazationPsychology triggers that Get more sales and Bookings
Why Less is More
Messaging Strategies of Power Consultants
PowerMarketing Tutorial and Resources

Digital Hospitality & Predictive Personalization – Is it Ethical?

Digital Hospitality & Predictive Personalization – Is it Ethical?

Digital Hospitality, AKA Predictive Personalization | ClickZ.

There is a fine line to be drawn between using big data to pry into people in order to serve them better. Some don’t mind but a surprising number object to the Big Brother Bid data.

Image courtesy of JWT Intelligence

Yet it is inevitable and its been around for sometime already. In 1999 we launched a dynamic packaging system called that tracked every click and associated that with personality traits. over time it got surprisingly accurate and some guest were amazed. No one was upset and one changed their marriage date to be able to book the hotel suggested.

But, the issues is bigger now as systems and databases know so much and track us even when we are not aware and certainly not consenting. That can be an invasion of privacy. Just because it can be done dies not mean we have to do It.. Read the article it is food for thought. Click here >>>

At AXSES we work with these issue as we build more relevant systems like Visual Planning and Bookings – merged with dynamic packaging and matchmaker technology developed by

Website Marketing Today – Trends and Fatal Mistakes

Website Marketing Today – Trends and Fatal Mistakes

How Travel has Changed

New Review of WEBSITE

A new review has been added to the information about the book WEBSITE Marketing Today – Trends and Fatal Mistakes. This is the first book in the series on Marketing Hotels and Tourism. The new page starts with a summary of the first chapter, “Travel Then and Now”. It goes on to provide an overview of what you can expect to learn from the Book, including reviews of leading apps as well as technology and detailed strategies that you can implement right away. It demonstrates what works and what does not and looks at critical and fatal mistakes many owners make.

Tourism Dominated by New Media

The book WEBSITE explores how hotel & tourism marketing has changed and studies the evolution of the WEBSITE. Once considered just an online brochure, it is now a major marketing and communication channel owned by hotels. The hotel and destination Website is a vital resource today in a market that has become dominated by Online Travel Agents, Meta-search Engines, Google Search, Google Travel, Social Media Channels, Apps, New Media and Technology.

Website – More Than a Brochure

Today’s Website is a marketing resource that gives hotel and tourism professionals, business owners and marketers a vehicle to communicate directly with their clients and prospective guests. Since the beginning of the digital age, the industry has seen a shift to distribution, with sites like Expedia and taking a growing share of business. Their marketing practices can undermine independent hotels that can get listed in the wrong category, be featured incorrectly and, in some cases, not get featured at all. Getting featured and booked on the OTAs has become difficult for small brands who have little control over the OTA policies. The reliance on OTAs has, to a large extent, eroded brand integrity.

Direct Communication

The Website is the one thing that hotel and tourism marketers own. It can enhance the brand and speak directly to travellers and guests. With advances in technology, the website can be a powerful tool in competing with other alternatives and amplify the shopping experience. Hotels and tourism owners have an advantage in the offering of personalization, personal service and expert knowledge of the destination. They can offer perks and benefits that might not be available to OTAs and other sites.

Technology Available to All

Leading technology in bookings, meta-search, artificial intelligence, bots and personalization is now available to every hotel and tourism owner. There are tools, resources and apps that can plug in to a hotel website to automate the communications, sales and booking process. Messaging strategies that talk direct to prospects and help them make informed choices are available to everyone. There are resources, services and outsources that hotels can hire to do the work that is needed.

What is needed is a simple guide that shows the way. That is this Book, WEBSITE. Chapter 1 sets the stage and the book flows through several chapters that offer practical advice and actionable strategies; all in simple language with easy-to-use examples and case studies.


Avoid Fatal Mistakes That Will Destroy a Website

Chapter 1 – Past & Future in Website Marketing: See the 7 Reason Why you should buy the book. Learn about trends that will affect website marketing. See how to avoid common mistakes that most business owners make! >>>


Learn more about Chapter 1 here>>>

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Power Marketing – Fatal Mistakes