A Spanish Treat Andalusia! Malaga & Sevilla

A Spanish Treat Andalusia! Malaga and Sevilla-

In this travelogue, Avid traveler Calum Glenny takes us through the site, sounds, and tastes of Malaga and Seville. 
 Having spent several holidays (including hosting his daughter’s wedding in September 2022) in Frigiliana, Gourock’s ‘Avid Traveller’ revisited the Malaga area and ventured into the Andalusian capital Seville, seeking the warmth of late summer sunshine and an escape from the damp and cold Scottish autumn.Finding treasures in the warm and friendly Andalusian people of Spain.

Old Town Malaga

After a 3-hour flight from Glasgow to Spain, we were met by the warm October sun in Malaga.
The ‘Old Town has lots to explore, with stunning historic architecture, outstanding restaurants and beautiful beaches. In a short three-night stay, the shorts and flip-flops were back out of the suitcase, and sunshine was abundant.

New Malaga Port

New Malaga Port

First on the agenda was Malaga Port and Malagueta Beach, followed by a harbour cruise out past some huge cruise ships docked at the port.
The evening then continued with the first of two visits to La Barra de Zapata near to Malaga Cathedral. This was an eye-opener with fantastic food and outstanding service.

Tapas GaloreTapas on every corner

A lunchtime visit to Bar La Tranca opened our eyes to fabulous Spanish hospitality and a truly unique bar with an unforgettable atmosphere.  Other tapas bars such as the Malaga Bar and were visited and are covered in the travelogue.

Train Ride to Seville

traon top Sevelle

On the fourth day, it’s a two-hour train journey from Malaga to Seville. Even in mid-October the temperature gauge rises as you travel inland. When alighting in Seville’s impressive Santa Justa Station, the temperature was knocking on the high 30’s.

The next six days are spent mostly exploring the city’s stunning sights and sampling its outstanding hospitality. Every restaurant seemed to better the previous one until El Disperate which tops them all with truly a magnificent meal, location, and service.

El Disperate

Stunning City Sights

Cathedral of seville
The unmissable sights such as the massive Cathedral, Gold Tower, Bullring, Plaza de Espana, and the Parque Maria Luisa are all highlighted in the travel blog. Recommended is a sunny walk across the historic metal arch Triana bridge, which opens up the traditional neighbourhood of Triana with its vibrant flamenco culture and tight, narrow streets.

Plaza San Marcos

Plaza Sa Marcos
Despite Seville being a large city the small neighbourhoods seemed to be multiple linked villages within the larger city. Neighbourhoods such as Plaza San Marcos are a ten minute walk away from the main tourist sights but had everything you needed, plus food and drinks were drastically cheaper than the prices charged within the city centre.

Video of  Seville

Return to Malaga

Hotel Pasada Del Patio

A return to Malaga on the impressive train service from Seville to Malaga confirmed the high standards experienced on the inward journey were not a one off and train travel in Spain can certainly be recommended. Another three night Malaga stay followed, this time more relaxing in the 5-Star Vincci Posada del Patio Hotel. This got off to a hesitant start as the balcony room had no view. However, the staff and hotel recovered very quickly and was a highlight of the Malaga stay. With the temperature difference working against us this time, it was bizarre feeling cool in the high 20’s temperatures.

Read both Malaga and Seville travel blogs and immerse yourself in the history and culture of two main cities within Andalusia. Certainly a very worthwhile Spanish adventure!

Once you unravel the Andalusian secrets, you’ll want to travel and experience it for real!


Calum Glenny

Gourock’s ‘Avid Traveller’

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