Agents TV Advertising in 2016 Threatens Established Brands –

travelotion on OTA TV Ads threat to brandsOnline agents’ TV campaigns show ‘clear threat’ to established brands –

Steve Dunne, executive chairman of BrighterPR, says it is a watershed moment in tourism: “This year’s emergence of pure online brands moving into television marks a watershed moment in travel marketing.

TV Advertising Builds Credibility

“If you are on TV, you are a credible brand. The power of TV has never gone away; we have just got distracted by the internet over the past 10 years. says Dean Harvey, director at Designate advertising agency. He also commented that “digital brands had reached saturation point online. For the big online guys, it’s exponentially more expensive if someone finds you through a generic holiday term on Google than on a brand search, It could be £5 a click versus 20p.” So even though MGM and others are aligning more with digital video media like Tubi, broadcast TV is by no means dead. In fact it may be the big differentiation in the future as the digital world become more saturated.

The truth is that although digital media is flourishing “The power of TV has never gone away and being on TV creates great credibility for the brand. Television has been the domain medium for major brands and the travel adverting on TV are ta proven formula.

Threat to Established Brands

“Now, online players are injecting a new energy into the holiday proposition. They must move into the mainstream arena if they are to grow awareness and gain that all-important trust” said Dunne. “This presents a clear and present threat, and could erode the reputational advantage mainstream players have enjoyed in the past.”

A spokesman for Kayak said that Kayak had not previously invested significantly in UK TV media, but TV is now the “heavyweight and we have invested in a heavyweight multi-touchpoint launch for the UK,” he said. “We’ve started as we mean to go on.” Any TV campaign has stand out as has done. It is a hard act to follow but one that seems inevitable for big brand travel marketing in 2106.

Growing Powerhouse of Creative Digital Media

The unexpected and unprecedented burst of agents TV advertising in 2016 Threatens Established Brands and may well shake up the industry but te competition on TV is really between the bigger brands mostly the established OTAs and chains seeing their initiatives being overtaken by smaller online agents. However, there are increasing opportunities for smaller travel companies.

Digital Video: Cost-effective & Innovative

On YouTube, the big travel brands often re-use their TV ads, but smaller hospitality brands you can create short video ads that are five to 10-seconds. Even 60 second video and longer that can be very cost-effective on YouTube and other video channels. One such innovation is the new http://YouTube.HolidayHotel.Reviews channel, a independent TV like media providing cost effective review review ads for hotel, tourism brands and destinations. The video ads are promoted on social media and in other digital formats. The reviews network even includes an online magazine and utilizes the new personality profiling technology that matches travelers with hotels of like character creating holidays that are very personalized.  This technology was pioneered by who are also making it available to other destination and hotel and tourism groups.

Travel Websites Become Multi-Channel Media With TV like quality

The newer travel website are becoming more TV like in the way they use video and story telling. Airbnb pioneered using full broadcast quality TV like Videos on the home age. The latest destination entry is, which uses original high quality motion picture on its home page. Even small hotels are doing this, as in the case of  the Saint Lucia Apartment Villa Resort at Poinsettia in the Caribbean Islands of St. lucia.

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