Airbnb Goes Visual: Favours Image over Text in Mobile

How Airbnb’s redesign supports the next generation of mobile travelers – Mobile Marketer – Content.

Its always a tradeoff when designing a Responsive Website for Mobile Devices and small screen viewing. On our first iteration we had a headed debate over favoring text over image. In the end Visials won out and that exactly what AirBnb has decided. The redesign reduces the amount of text to put a bigger emphasis on informational visuals, including video, to offer a more personalized experience. It is aimed at mobile-savvy travelers who are looking for a personal connection to the places they visit.

said Jeff Anulewicz, executive director of strategy and analytics at MXM sums it up as: “By reducing the amount of text, using more compelling and informational visuals, including the addition of video, and focusing on lifestyle-oriented content, they are streamlining the most meaningful information and encouraging engagement by showing vs. telling. They are emphasizing that this is not just a replacement for a hotel, but an invite to join a new community of trusted travelers and hosts, to share an experience with a stranger and perhaps, for a moment step into someone else’s life”.

Well We don’t need any argument at all. Its the reason why we build the visualbookingstechnology and reinventing marketing and travel planning as a fully visual experience.

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