Apple Beats Android in Web Browsing in US

Apple Beats Android in Web browsing.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad dominate when it comes to Web browsing in developed nations, even thought Android smartphones from all manufacturers make up nearly 80 per cent of all smartphones recently sold worldwide.

About 62 per cent of all mobile Web browsing is the US came from iOS smartphones and tablets in 2013 (dotMobi).

Android smartphones and tablets are used more often for browsing in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, including Spain (56 per cent) and Germany and India (both at 58 per cent). Macedonia was strongest for Android usage, at nearly 91 per cent, while South Korea – home of big Android device maker Samsung – had 74 per cent of users browsing with Android.

Well it seems web browsing is alive and well in all countries regardless of the talk that apps are replacing browsing. As we said before apps are not a general purpose solution in tourism. For more see our checklist on mobile design, use and technology

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