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the automation oersonalisation divide
The Automation Personalization Divide is causing some to wonder if people matter as systems seem to be taking over

Source: The automation and personalisation conundrum [INFOGRAPHIC] – Tnooz

The infographics below have an interesting title, don’t you think?

Personalization without people: Sounds like a contradiction in terms. In fact, systems today are getting pretty smart at gathering data from all sources, with systems and software even analyzing what you do on a website. Systems have immediate access to more information than people do. They know how to get data and how to put it together to create inferences and knowledge. See out blog on Big Data >>>>

This is a subject we at AXSES AllCast Productions kn0w a lot about. AXSES, after all, did publish the world’s first dynamic packaging system that matches travelers with hotels based on personality. That was, which in now morphing into PersonaHolidays. See link under video below.

Learning to use Automation & AI

PersonaHolidays, an intelligent personality matching technology, is proving to be very engaging. Travelers’ feedback is amazingly positive and engagement on the site is a whopping 50% better that the previous hotel search and booking engines. We are all learning how to use automation, which seem inevitable as people just can’t do it all. Getting your message out is not as simple as it used to be when there were few main broadcasters.

Today, branding and marketing require putting information out on all digital media. That means building brand networks, syndicating videos, making graphic tweets, communication on all social media, distributing Press Releases and following up with email and messaging. All of this requires automation. That is unavoidable. System and data are merging to create the intelligent solution that we need.

The new intelligent systems can deliver very personal results and highly relevant recommendations. They are outperforming the established way of doing things, offering personalization that is not found on the conventional travel channels.

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