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We did not intend to offer services to travel agents on this site. But we have had a few request to do so, so we are offering  links and suggestions.

Travel Agents By Specialty and by Location

First it seems that some of our visitors are travellers being referred to by other sites. We don,t actually sell travel packages, air, hotels or tourism activities.

If you are looking for a Travel Agent we can suggest TravelAgentsRes –

TravelAgentsRes (TARes) will allow travellers to search for agents in their own geographic are – say like New York, by specialty say Adventure Holiday and by Destinations like the Caribbean for example. TARes is a database which world agents can freely add themselves to. Caribbean Agents were initially approved and certified by the Destination Authority. But for most regions including Asia and India we do  not have the same Tourism Authority involvement.

Agent Software for Destination Websites, Hotels and Resort

TravelAgentsRes can be configured for hotel website. In this process hotels can choose which agents they want and invite agent to register with the service. They can then add a widget to the hotel website which will allow guest to search for a nearby  consultant to help the guest with travel arrangement and book their hotel. The system passes over a token to the agent to identify who is referring.

One of the leaders in software for travel agents and tour companies is Formula travel’s Topax Management with their systems for Tour Operators, Wholesalers and Airlines. Of course all this is changing with new moves by GDS and the IATA’s new specification for travel.

Travel  Planning & Bookings Systems

Our parent company has several solutions for tourism suppliers who want to add travel panning, dynamic package, specials marketing and booking solution to their site and on their social network. The engines are licenses on a subscription bases and suppliers do not have to pay commissions. The software widgets work with any website and special apps are available for Facebook and WordPress.

Resources are – | | | Dynamic Packaging | and many other options.

Travel Portals and Sales Systems

We build integrated tourism marketing systems like the Barbados tourism Encyclopedia with thousands of pages and a network on dozens of sites which we cal the Social Network.

For more on this please visit Click Here | 

See Product here >>>>

Visual Travel Bookings & Travel Planning Technology

The very latest technology in Bookings and Planning for tourism websites is
This solution is designed as an add on to existing booking systems. It extends the level of interaction and engagement by a multiple of 6 and has doubled the click through rates on the pages it has been applied.










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