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Marriott Paving the Way in Online Video for Hotel Industry | VideoInk.

How Brand Culture takes root at Mariott

We have mention Brand Culture a few times in 2014 and speculated how it might be applied in tourism. Well here is the detailed example of just what Mariott is doing to create its own Brand Content.

Marriott is targeting the “next generation” of vacationers (the Millenials). It is using digital video marketing as the prime medium to reach the new market.

Its new global creative content studio will be publishing and distributing original video content across multiple digital platforms Including TV.

Some of the talent lined up for 2015 are “Sonia Gil, of YouTube channel Sonia’s Travels, YouTuber Taryn Southern, the “What’s Trending” team, and Substance Over Hype.”

It will showcase several new series including “Two Bellman” and “The Navigator Live,” which is currently distributes by AXS TV in partnership with AEG and Renaissance Hotels.

Karin Timpone, Mariott’s global marketing officer adds: “The studio will consist of three groups, a creative agency, entertainment, and live — all focused on developing multi-platform content to engage consumers across all screens and formats worldwide.”

For the full deatails see the article at VideoLink

Featured below are a few videos on Brand Culture offerings and initiatives at Mariott

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