5 Best Travel Ads to Watch

5 Best Travel Ads to Watch This Week – Skift.

Which of these 5 video ads do like best?

My vote is booking.com – I loved their last ad in 2013 (below) and this one makes me laugh. Its so tongue-in-cheek and silly, yet you get the message that they care. They don’t take themselves to seriously staying in contact with the child inside!

You can see the ad in the link to the 5 top above, and because I like it its also in one of our blogs

Here is the previous advertisement in 2013

You can detect the same deference but not so extreme!

On the subject of video working as a marketing strategy for tourism – see our blog on search ranking made easier with videos

“Organic” is Dead: Hello Paid Media

“Organic” is Dead: Hello Paid Media

Paid Media may be what we have to expect in the future and its seems odd when more and more on the net is actually FREE. Especially with Internet Information and product sales, where its customary now to have a free version which entices more to buy the upgrades and full product.

This articles moans the fact that organic Social posts and being replaced by paid version – or advertising – That advertising which spoiled TV and broadcast media is now ready to spoil our lives on the digital media.

Its true to in Search engine marketing to some extent and the main engines push organic down and out with more advertising – sponsored pages and paid services. But organic listing are still there and travellers seek them out. Organic Search works from the consumers standpoint. Its got harder to get your hotel, destination or tourism product listed of course but it can be done – See how video works for small hotels — Click Here >>>

In the meantime take care to make your content work. Humour does increase engaement as this infographics shows:

Source: http://wiht.co/boringbizsocialmedia




How to Avoid Being Google Slapped

How to Avoid Being Google Slapped | Search Engine Journal.

The Google slap is a term which applies to advertisers who are using adwords but in a way tht G thinks is spammy and they will penalize the ad. That was the original meaning of the SLAP. it has a popular term to describe anything that Google penalizes a site for but its really referring to advertisers.

In the case of advertising, a Google slap can mean a couple of things:

1. Google sees the ad and its landing pages as poor quality. It will significantly lower the ad’s position in search results.

2. Google sees the ad and landing pages as so poor in quality that it will disable the associated AdWords account.

Not a good scenarios for any advertiser

This article helps you avoid a slap for advertising and its good strategy fpr SEO also.

Read more at http://www.searchenginejournal.com/how-to-avoid-being-google-slapped/22703/#jw4bxrgk1cZTShT1.99

Booking Epic Another fantastic ad by Booking’com

▶ Booking.com 2014 TV commercial: "Booking Epic" – YouTube.

I love their ads, they just step out of the mold and dont mind poking fun at anyone including themselves. Going to eat those eggs now!

Kudos to award-winning filmmaker collective Traktor

Filmed in locations in Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand, the jungles and beaches in Bali and in Booking.com accommodation partners.
Media buying by Wieden+Kennedy New York.

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