Digital Media BookBuyers Bonus Membership Launched

Digital Media BookBuyers Bonus Membership Launched

Anyone who buys any of the Books in the Digital Media Series “Marketing Hotels and Tourism” will have access to a wealth of information and resources to help them succeed in the digital age.

Free Membership  – a Digital Media BookBuyers Bonus

The Bonuses include Membership to a network of resources to help market destinations, hotels, hospitality and tourism.

The bonuses delves into tactics and details of subjects covered in the books:

TECHNOLOGY – coming soon

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The details explains the following:

– Membership Benefits an exclusive Digital Media BookBuyers bonus
– The Devils is in The Details
– The Cure to Technology Overload
– Special Offer to Book Buyers
– Who The Book are For

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Books may be purchased in Digital Format or in Paperback at Amazon – See Ian R. Clayton’s Authors page for All issues.

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