Difference Between Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO

Difference Between Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO

Difference Between Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO.

Its seems unnecessary, I thought when i read this, then i talked a hotelier friend and it was clear that they were not at all clear on what was what in SEO, Content and Social. This article gives a good overview of the separate activities but in fact the lines are very blurred as more SEO activities move to social and content is always being indexed on social. Check out the SocialIndexEngine Case study on a tourism promo that cuts across all lines.

the difference between SEO, content and social marketing

the difference between SEO, content and social marketing

The article by Jonathan Gebauer looks at each of these activities separately and defines how they differ. Well more or less, for SEO he asks “What The Heck Is SEO?” and then adds “SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and describes the process of optimizing a website and it’s content in a way so that it hopefully will receive more website traffic from search engine result pages. Here is how that works (in theory at least):

He clarifies it with an Example An Example, to Make Things Clearer – Hopefully he says:

I paraphrase- Imagine you want to get more traffic to your website, or to build its authority. You start with a blog, which will provide helpful articles to your guests. The blog adds content to the site and the aim is to generate more traffic and as a result more leads. That is an SEO initiative using content marketing – right?

To generate more backlinks it needs to be read.
“So you start sharing your content around on Social Media platforms – you probably start a fanpage on Facebook, and a Twitter profile. Maybe even something slightly more exotic like a Pinterest account. And you start growing those accounts.”

So now you are already engaged in all three strategies/activities while all you wanted to do in the beginning was a little bit of SEO…..

Read more at http://blog.thesocialms.com/difference-content-marketing-social-media-marketing-seo/#A3QRMtvO71Xjjby8.99

5 Presentation Predictions for 2015

5 Presentation Predictions for 2015

5 Presentation Predictions for 2015.

Slideshare, a linkedIn company has recently added Haiku Deck to its long list of documents and keynote presentations. Earlier this year it added Video. It is the beginning of the full migration of video, animation and presentation solutions and taste of what may be coming in 2015.

Barbados Beach Holidays -

Barbados Beach Holidays Video Teaser

In this 5 point forcast (see link at top and under) of trends that will make a difference in 2015, Scott Schwertly sees the new year being one where better presentation and better engagement win the day. For engagement he expects more creative content delivered with more appeal that ever before. The integration of Haiku with Slideshare points the way. I tested it out with the short presentation below. All images were obtained from the Haiku archives and easy to find as the software monitors the words in your text and suggest meaningful images for you to use.

My personal view is that 2015 might be the end of the static sales page. Animation systems like Explainer Video, and more dynamic film editing software along with dynamic graphic system are changing how we present. Visual technology is moving rapidly to the forefront of all marketing communications and business presentation. Film, animation and graphics are merging and becoming available to everyone. Boring presentation will soon be passe as Hollywood moves to the desktop. As we have noted before  The future is visual.

Twitter tells Travel Tech Show at WTM to target moments not markets in travel

Twitter tells Travel Tech Show at WTM to target moments not markets in travel.

There are several gems of advice in this roundup of WTM. Targeting moments vs markets is catchy, but not in my mind a sustainable strategy. Moments are transient and markets are more permanent, I do not think that moments identify or sustain a brand. That not to say that it pays to be current and to have some sort of strategy to report on news and events that are specifically related to your brand and your business. Just don’t expect to define your brand in this way.

That said I do like the PhoCusWright Insights. Their “research reveals that the 55+ age group predominantly use PCs for planning but just over a fifth use tablets for destination selection. The 35 to 54 age group, meanwhile, rely more heavily on mobile devices and tablets for destination selection. And, Millennials (aged 18 to 34) depend on smartphone for destination selection, shopping and booking.

Florence Kaci of PhoCusWright, summed it up this way: “Today what is really important is to understand the young population – their behavior, what they do with devices day-to-day, what do they expect, how frequently do they log-in – and based on that define your development strategy.”

For more on Millennials check here

How to Deal with Travel Writers: Bloggers vs. Journalists | Mark Chesnut

How to Deal with Travel Writers, Part 1: Bloggers vs. Journalists | Mark Chesnut.

This is a great adjunct to our series on Brand Culture. It highlights the merger of journalism, blogging and online media in the travel market. In addition to pointing out the changes in the media, the article offer useable advice on how to find writers to cover your story and how to select the ones that best fit your own style and markets.

Mark says you need “writers, bloggers, social media types — who are good at building high-quality followings and influencing their followers’ decisions.” These are the influencers who publish and post a lot about travel, and help other people to make up their minds about what they want to do when they travel.

He also suggest you join the Travel Bloggers Exchange. “Their annual conventions — which take place in Asia, North America and Europe — attract some of the most active travel bloggers, with workshops, presentations and the chance to network.”

See the report here >>

Video of Mark Chesnut’s presentation is on the bottom of this page;

Related -Content Marketing Case Study: Marketing Tourism with Horse Whispers. It shows how a simple moment can multiply your marketing reach and brand visibility. In this case the story is published and promoted by Press Releases, videos, blogs and articles across a network on social media, video sites and web properties. All tactics are detailed in the article. Traffic is driven to an information page with a special offer of “Beach Villa Holidays” for the independent minded traveller. The sort of person who will find beach living and the HorseWhispers article appealing. It is all part of the new Brand-Culture where destinations, hotels and tourism operators are taking the initiative to tell the story of their own brand and destination.

Marks Presentation On Travel Writing

Hot to Build a Content Marketing Pyramid: Create More With Less

Hot to Build a Content Marketing Pyramid: Create More With Less

The Content Marketing Pyramid: Create More With Less.

My Buddy Errol Griffith will soon publish his new book on “Our Power of Choice”. He asked me for advise on what he should do. “Build your social network now” – I told him, then start to post notes and announcements to the network. To start you don’t need a website that can come later, just use your Facebook page with linked from the url we set up at http://OurPowerOfChoice.com.Later we can build blogs, videos, websites, magazines and lastly your book.

And that is exactly what is prescribed here by Panwan Deshpande CCO of the Content Marketing Institute. Simple put start of with easy and frequent content and move up the later to more detailed information and presentations.

Content needs to be Refined

Content  has become the foundation of all marketing, and travel is no exception. Content now needs to be re-shaped and reinvented so that it is tailored exactly to your clients needs, that is your many clients’ needs.

The need for tailor made content has become paramount now as we are bombarded by message and don’t have time to wade through generalization and the traditional one size fits all. Understanding the pyramid can help is targeting your content, and that is nicely described in the article by Panwan – read it here >>>


More on the Power of Choice, coming soon!.
Errol has pioneered this idea into a reality with his courses and teaching to people of all standing from prisoners to pensioners. The idea is now moving into the classrooms to empower children to understand the world beyond the traditions of our educational systems. It is an exciting project which we will share with you on many platforms.




How to Manage a Busy Content Marketing Campaign

How to Manage a Busy Content Marketing Campaign

In our lastest campaign we have a couple of dozen video, just as many blogs and articles and nearly as many press releases. Now it is getting impossible to manage all of that without an editorial calendar and in my research I found this from coschedule. It does not look like it is what I need but it is nifty, as it automates posting from a WordPress Blog to a set of social accounts. sort of like an announcement network.

What I want is just something to organize and allow editors and writer to collaborate on creating, editing, animating and scheduling posts of videos, blogs and press releases over several months. Unfortunately my blogs are all over the place so this cant work for me.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Hope you find the quick review helpful. No I don’t sell it, have not ever used it before this and its not looking that i will keep it. This is a free trial. I think it is useful and may help others, so just letting you know.

To your success