New York Time Featured Tourism Professional Reveals Winning Strategies

New York Time Featured Tourism Professional Reveals Winning Strategies

The Book Digital Media by Ian R. Clayton, a New York Times featured tourism authority, summarizes what you must understand about Digital Strategies for Hospitality and Tourism.


Digital Media is stacked with twenty years of wisdom and effective strategies that anyone can put into effect now.  It is an easy-to-read guide that will help anyone in tourism and comes with access to a variety of vital reports and membership to a book owners mastermind group.


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Seo & RankBran - the Digital Delema

Seo & RankBran – the Digital Delema


The Why of Digital Media

The Why of Digital Media

The Why of Digital Media explains the who, why, what and how of both the book and the media. The book explains what you need to know about marketing online today!

The short video below highlights the motivation for the book and reason I decided to give it away as a New Year’s gift in early 2021 (On Amazon for Free to January 8). The Why, Who, What and How of the book clarifies why it was written, who it was written for, what in covers and how value is delivered. It is an important book for tourism and business owners, managers, marketers and professionals in any industry.

Social Distancing & Lockdown – Boost Digital Commerce

Mark Skroch says on Phocuswrire: “The COVID-19-related social stats are staggering: a 10% jump since the start of 2020, over half the world is now active on social media.”

By all accounts, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a massive move to digital. Consumers, governments and businesses have taken to the Internet for entertainment, meetings, social connection and to conduct business. Over 50% of the world is now online and the rate of growth in doing things digitally has increased significantly. Online retail in China is expected to account for 27% of total retail sales. In the UK, it’s 19.9% and the US is 16.2%. In just 3 years, retail eCommerce will exceed $7 trillion annually or one-quarter of all global retail by 2024. If this growth trajectory continues, on average, in low double digits, this could reach up to $10 trillion in sales by 2027. Source: Econsultancy

In the new digital market, the book Digital Media is very timely and will help business owners and professions to understand the new digital agenda and learn how to use the media to build their Brand and their business.

Video of The Why of Digital Media

This video summarized the “Why” of the book. It clarifies: Why it is needed, Who it is for, What it does and How it does it.

The book explains why Digital is the new Norm of marketing in any industry. It shows how social media and digital ads are now outpacing all other forms of advertising.


1. The WHY of Digital Media: There is a need for an easy, practical guide for newbie and intermediate people who want an easy way to make sense of digital media.

It also demonstrates WHY Digital Media matters and WHY you need it. At the time of writing the book, Digital Advertising had overtaken all other advertising media. According to SeekingAlpha, digital advertising is now estimated to make up about 2/3 of the total advertising spend. Digital Advertising is estimated to grown at 7.7% per year (Compound) between 2021-2026. It will total $626B by 2026.

Digital is NOW the new Normal

2. WHO is it for: Business owners, managers, marketers, consultant and professionals. The book uses examples and illustrations from the hospitality industry and is relative to any industry.

3. WHAT: Shows what has to be done and what options, tools, help and solutions are available.

4. HOW: The book series shares resources of technology, tactics and strategies that work. It provides illustrated examples with real results. It includes proprietary and proven tactics by leading business. Digital Media explains technology in an uncomplicated, casual style without jargon.

A Book for Any Business

The book is part of the series in Marketing Hotels and Tourism Online. While the examples are based on the hospitality business, the fundamentals apply to any business.

Book Reviews


Who, Why, What and How of Digital Media

Who, Why, What and How of Digital Media

As one customer wrote of the first book in the series:

“Most business books of this type share a few nuggets of general information that can be easily found with an internet search. However,
this book is much more useful than most of its type. It’s like hiring a private business consultant. The author shares experience and offers tips that he’s used in his own business.”

Constructive criticism is always welcome. I like what Marion said in reviewing Digital Media”.

“The writing style is not very good but it offers some interesting ideas about how to do hotel online marketing. It is not a professional guide or manual.”

Thank you, Mario. I appreciate your honest review.
I wrote the series in a practical and direct informal style. It’s not a textbook and will not win distinctions in the academic community. I have several listing in academia and know that language well.


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What Is Digital Media And Why Does It Matter?

What Is Digital Media And Why Does It Matter?

What Is Digital Media And Why Does It Matter?

Technology has quite literally changed the entire world, and one area that it has made a huge difference is in how businesses have to market themselves. The days of static information delivery is limited. Marketing is now all about process.  Interactive digital processes now replace many old fashioned billboards and fliers. Today, those in the hospitality industry must focus attention on digital media and how they’re using it. But just what is Digital Media, why does it matter, and how can you get the most from it?

What Is Digital Media?

Digital media is just what it sounds like – any kind of information or marketing material that is created and released digitally. Essentially, when you use digital media strategies you are creating an online advertising campaign.

However, it is unique when compared to traditional means in a few ways.

• There are numerous parts involved, from video to online tours of your property to social media to email mailing lists to SEO. Putting together all of these pieces is important, but not always as easy as it might seem at first.

• Digital media strategies generally focus on organic leads. Instead of putting up a sign that thousands will see but that will only be relevant to a few, you create content and then let those who it is relevant to find it. This means that you get higher conversion rates – if you do it properly.

• Digital media can be changed quickly and easily, letting you adjust your strategies as needed and as your property evolves.

Simply put, digital media allows you to market your business in new and exciting ways that can help you get more from your investment.

Why Does It Matter So Much?

If you fail to capitalize on the digital space, you’ll end up struggling to stay relevant. Hotels, resorts, and any other type of hospitality industry needs to make sure that they don’t vanish online. In fact, if you fail to focus on digital media strategies it will be hard to even let those doing online searches know that your property exists. Digital is driving more traffic now that TV and broadcast and you simple cannot ignore it. See more about this on our review of Chapter 1 of the Amazon Book Digital Media.

To succeed with digital  requires an understanding of how the net works. This means you must know how search works and how social media can boost your presence. You will need to build your own digital network to present your brand and your unique service.  It is complex and not everyone understands how to get the most from digital media strategies. It’s important to get help. Our guides can make it easier for you to develop a plan and spread the online word about your property.

Buy your copy today and start mastering digital media for your property.


How To Present Your Hotel Using Digital Media

How To Present Your Hotel Using Digital Media

How To Present Your Hotel Using Digital Media

Digital media is one of the biggest marketing areas that businesses today can focus their attention on. Today more internet users relying on websites and social media to determine what businesses to trust and use.  It’s becoming increasingly important to  present your hotel the right way using digital media strategies.

In fact Digital Media has now overtaken TV in advertising and billions of people are searching on the internet to find holiday options, places to stay and things to do. You simply have to be where they to be seen and get booked.

But just how do you present your hotel using Digital Media? What kind of digital media strategies are worth considering? There are a few main things here, and a look at some of the most important should show you more about what to do.

5 Things You Must Do

• Use Photos – Digital media strategies include a lot of different elements, and photos are one of the most important. With the right pictures, you can present your hotel, its rooms and its amenities in an enticing way. Your pictures and your message are vital to demonstrated your unique offer and its benefits. You have to show online users why they should become guests.

• Use Video – You can go a step beyond photos and use videos as well. Whether it’s a promotional video done like a commercial, a video introducing some of your employees, or even virtual video tours of the hotel, video can make a big splash in the digital world.

Use Mailers – Email mailers aren’t dead. In fact, emails can still generate revenue. Use them to announce special offers, to show off and talk about new features your hotel offers, and more.

• Social Media Is A Must – Another huge thing to remember is the fact that social media is a powerful force in the marketing world. Not only can it generate steady traffic to your business, but it can give you a platform to interact with potential guests or past guests. In short, don’t overlook social media.

Perfect Your Image in Digital Media

And these are just a few of the numerous examples of how to use digital media to present your hotel and market it directly to the people who will be staying there. Think about the customers coming to your hotel and then target your digital media strategies accordingly. And when you’re ready to really master the art of digital marking in performing we are here to help.

If you’re ready to embark on your digital marketing journey, start with our Hotel and Tourism Marketing book Series. The books summarizes years of experience of an award winning tourism marketer and author featured in the New York Times and on TV.

WEBSITE, the first in the series, explains how you perfect your online presence with your website. It is an easy to read guide with practical examples from the hospitality industry that you can implement right now. See more on your site presence here.

DIGITAL MEDIA  (Book 2) explains  how to present your hotel online using Digital Media. It is the off-website online marketing that drives travelers to your site and helps you get seen, get featured and get booked.

The books summarizes years of experience by award winning author  featured in the New your Times and will give you a easy to use step by step guide on How To Present Your Hotel Using Digital Media


See Amazon to checkout the book – Available in  Digital and Paperback Go To Amazon

How To Make It In The Digital Age

How To Make It In The Digital Age

How To Make It In The Digital Age

Living in a Digital Age

It doesn’t matter what field you work in. The fact is that thanks to the rise of technology, we’re living in a digital age. This means that those who have spent years working in hotels, tourism and hospitality, have to pay attention not only to their property and their clients – they also have to focus on digital media marketing. Today marketers in every industry must understand digital strategies to know “How To Make It In The Digital Age”

Different Strokes for Different Folks

The digital age means that more people than ever are looking online to find out more about travel option and to compare destinations and accommodation options. In the case of the hospitality industry, this includes looking at online reviews, photos of the property, amenities, costs and the character of the place and people.  Hotel and tourism managers have to consider whether or not they’re doing all they can to make it in the digital age. Paying careful attention to digital media marketing is a must.

For example, consider some of the following points:

• Are you properly spreading your brand online? Everything from your website to your emails to your social media platform should showcase your brand while also drawing clients to your property.

• What is the online buzz about your property? Are negative online reviews dragging you down?

• Where is your ranking in the Google search engine? If you aren’t focusing some attention on SEO you may not be showing up when people do localized searches.

• Is it easy and enticing to set up online bookings if someone wants to stay with you?

• Will visitor know the character of your property and understand that it is the right fit for them?

• Can guest see what you offer that others do not? Are your benefits and differentiation clear?

• Are you using intelligent technology to personalized the guests experience

Simply put, virtually everything can have a direct impact on how successful you are at digital media marketing.

What is Involved

Online marketing involves a number of  strategies from designing your website to marketing it.  That means it gets founds, gets featured and gets booked. You must start by making sure the content on your website is focused and optimized for the internet. That includes an ever growing set of channels and devices from mobile devices, TV, Game, Kiosk and many form of computerized viewing. Once you have perfected your website presence you will need to publish it across the net and try to get travelers to visit your site and your marketing partners.

• Website Design
• SEO Optimization
• Social Media Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Link Building
• Email Mailing Lists
• Smart Responsive System, Voice, Video
• Managing On-Line Travel Agents, Meta-search & Distribution
• Advertising, Re-targeting
• Keep up with ever changing technology and trends
…..And More

It can be overwhelming for those who do not understand digital media.  Hospitality is about making a guest’s stay comfortable and enjoyed. It is easy to overlook just how important online marketing is – and difficult to focus your attention on it.

Our Book on How to Make it in the Digital Age

That’s where our book comes in. By giving you the tools and knowledge needed to get more out of your digital media marketing, you can easily start seeing an increase in direct bookings and your revenue. It’s not enough to just have a great property – you need to get the word out or you’ll be lost in the digital age.

Get your copy of our guide and see just how to go about getting the most from your property and your online presence.

Today time moves quickly. Six months is lifetime for much of our technology. That does not mean that you must always be changing features and jumping onto new technology to be with it and attract attention. Travelers will spot that as pretty fake. However you must  stay on your toes. Talk to fellow hoteliers, tourism professional and travelers. Read newsletters from sites like Phocuswright  and keep up with the trends.

Our book, Digital Media,  shows you exactly How to Make it in the Digital Age.  It is an easy to read guide written for managers and marketers who are not technical wizards. At the same time it includes strategies and techniques that are much appreciated by seasoned professionals.

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