New York Time Featured Tourism Professional Reveals Winning Strategies

New York Time Featured Tourism Professional Reveals Winning Strategies

The Book Digital Media by Ian R. Clayton, a New York Times featured tourism authority, summarizes what you must understand about Digital Strategies for Hospitality and Tourism.


Digital Media is stacked with twenty years of wisdom and effective strategies that anyone can put into effect now.  It is an easy-to-read guide that will help anyone in tourism and comes with access to a variety of vital reports and membership to a book owners mastermind group.


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Seo & RankBran - the Digital Delema

Seo & RankBran – the Digital Delema


Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead? : Social Media Examiner

Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead? : Social Media Examiner

,sSource: Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead? : Social Media Examiner

The answer to the question “Is Facebook Organic Marketing Dead” is Yes and NO. A lot of things that once worked just don’t move the needle anymore. Consider this “that average organic reach is now 1% to 6%.” Not impressive at all.

And we now see that blog posts linked out of Facebook get the lowest reach an engagement.

Video is King

Then on the other side of the coin we learn that Video is King – that is so load as it is native to Facebook and you load an original video to your Facebook page. Don’t even bother to share YouTube Video! They will just be seen by your friends, perhaps, and have no reach at all.

If you do upload a quality engaging video, BuzzSumo tells us that it will “outperforming photo and still image posts by 73%.”  That is because Facebook sees its future in Video. It is closely watching the migration of television viewers and advertisers to digital media and the internet.

The article also gives tips on the various format and forms of video that you can use on Facebook. It explains the merits of each and is good reading for anyone panning to use video marketing on Facebook. For that matter, it applies well to any social media.

Advertising is the Future

Of course the future for Facebook is in Advertising and to some extent that works. Their recent update on Ad Relevance and tracking will help advertisers asses their results. The question is will Facebook be relevant as the digital world transforms and new sites like Instagram steam roller into engaging travelers and inspiring them to look, book, and convert at a greater rate than Facebook.

Read the article for full details of what might be the better strategy for your Facebook social activity in the new digital divide.


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Travelleisure Features DigitalMedia For Hotels Tourism

Travelleisure Features DigitalMedia For Hotels Tourism

Ian R. Claytons book on DigitalMedia for hotels tourism is in the news and featured in Trade magazines like Travel & Leisure and Travel Weekly along with dozens of other top media outlets. The Press Release is picked up by 400 news sites including by Marketers Media, Wall Street Select, Silicon Valley and many others.

Hotel DigitalMedia Marketing  includes tips and case studies on  building an online network and sales funnel that delivers results. It shows how to avoid many of the most common mistakes in content marketing that can stop interest dead in its tracks.  Vital information on the new Rank Brain and other issues that are essential  to understand  in the digital world.


Here is the Press Release for Travel & Leisure Magazine

See Travel and Leasure



digitalmedia for hotels tourism by travelleasure

As the Travel & Leisure Press Release says “Digital Media cuts through the hype with real examples and case studies backed up by 20 years of experience and wisdom. Readers will likely find a particular interest in the fact that Ian R. Clayton is an independent consultant giving straightforward unbiased advice. ”

Clayton has a background in Computer Science, graduating with honours studying at McGill and Concordia University in Montreal Canada. Ian has spent years helping clients and colleagues understand the complexities of the new digital landscape.

His passion to help has led him to be a prolific blogger, creating his own bogging and video platform and magazines, while writing educational and how-to books for business owners, managers, marketers and professionals.


More about the book – click here >>

Content Marketing Digital Media Chapter 3

Content Marketing Digital Media Chapter 3

posting to quality sitesChapter 3 and 4 of the Book Digital explains how content marketing is one of the most power marketing strategies in marketing hotels and tourism.

Content Marketing is largely about story-telling and travel is the one greatest story landscapes.

The book cover all the various forms and strategies of content marketing.

It reviews video content strategies and how to get featured in top digital magazines and press resources.

See Chapter 3 Now to start building your brand authority and get featured

Video Reviews for Each Chapter of Digital Media

Video Reviews for Each Chapter of Digital Media


We are launching a series of video and new pages to review each of the chapters in the latest book by Ian R. Clayton on Digital Media Marketingg.

The First review is of the Introduction which shows why you must have a digital media strategy.

Digital Media Advertising  is now bigger that TV.


learn how to participate in the fast Digital Media and build a profitable brand using the latest winning strategies – Start Here>>

Digital Media Marketing Book – Driving Traffic to Your Site

Digital Media Marketing Book – Driving Traffic to Your Site

Digital Media Marketing Book for Business
– Expand Your Horizons

Founder of the Most Visited Caribbean travel site in Barbados for 20 years in a row! Best selling author Ian R. Clayton is now sharing valuable insights, tips and resources in his book “Digital Media Marketing”

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  • Is your website a leader in the industry?
  • Do you need to drive additional traffic to your site using Digital Marketing?
  • Do you need invaluable insights into digital marketing?
  • Is your site prepared for the New changes to Googles’ Site Ranking System?BOOK2-Digital Media Marketing for Hotels HospitalityGoggle has once again changed its site ranking system and most marketers are doing it all wrong!See what this means (1 minute video)

Is your Marketing team knowledgeable abut these new digital marketing changes?

Not Sure? Then make sure they read this BOOK!

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Bonus Material – Includes Detailed explanations of the latest changes

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Working On Your Success

Ian (CEO AXSES Systems Caribbean Inc and best selling Author  of WEBSITE.
Winner of Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency Award for Technology Innovation).

The Case For Business

The tips, techniques, tools and resources shared by Ian in this remarkable book apply to any business, any industry, profession, trade, charity or service. While the examples and illustrations are related to tourism the strategies, resources and techniques apply to anyone marketing anything today. In his video of the opening introduction for the book, Ian shows you why the book is so important. Everything is digital and no matter what you market, promote, share or communicate, digital media is a powerful medium that cannot not be ignored. The book will help you harness the power of digital communication on the Internet. It will help you get featured in the right channels and seen by the people who are most likely to buy your products, use your service or fund your cause, no matter what you message is.


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More about the series See The Book Marketing Hotels Tourism Online

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