Airbnb Hurt by NY Ban on Short Term Rental Ads

Source: New York votes to ban ads for whole apartments on Airbnb

According to Engadget Airbnb is not at all happy with the recent ruling by New York to  “make it illegal just to advertise your entire place for a short (under 30 days) rental. You’ll face a $1,000 fine the first time you’re caught, $5,000 the second time and $7,500 the third. Governor Cuomo still has to sign the bill into law, but that’s likely to be a mere formality.”

It was already illegal to offer your whole apartment for short-term rentals through services like Airbnb, but this new bill is “giving that legislation some added bite.’ No wonder then in this article “Airbnb Hurt by NY Ban on Short Term Rental Ads” we hear that the company feels it is unjust.

Airbnb says NY Ban on Short Term Rental Ads is a “conspiracy between the government and the hotel industry, and argues that it’ll increase the odds of bankruptcy, eviction, or foreclosure for 30,000 state residents who might otherwise struggle to make ends meet.”

What worries NY is that housing supply is dwindling as many realestate speculators buy up properties “solely to profit from Airbnb rentals. “The would-be law should limit short-term rentals to people who actually live in their homes.”

Shared Travel Economy Under Attack

Its not the first or last time that we will see Airbnb come under pressure. The successfully won the vote when San Francisco moved to stop their short term rental with a proposed bill that would limit home rental to  3 moths a year. “The City initiative would have meant house renters could only let homes for under 90 nights a year. They undertook studies that showed how Airbnb has removed available housing for residence. A problem where 63% of homes are valued at $1 million or more and rents are now an average of over $4,000.” See AirBnb wins over San Fancisco.

Hotel association dont like this type of shared hospitality as it cuts into hotel revenue. They lobby hard to contain these properties saying that they are unlicensed establishments that do not comply with city regulation and are not governed by hospitality standards. At the same time Governments also need to know that  accommodations offered to tourists  are of acceptable standards. They want to sustain their tax base and they also worry about availability of reasonably housing for residents. Both are staked against Airbnb who is likely to have several more fight on its hand.

Social Supplants Search For Content Discovery, Millennials Twice As Likely To Get News On Social

Social Supplants Search For Content Discovery, Millennials Twice As Likely To Get News On Social

Social media is supplanting search as the go-to source for discovering content, according results of a survey of active online users conducted by Publicis’ Mediavest | Spark unit and BuzzFeed. The study, which was conducted by Forrester Consulting, surveyed 1,500 18- to 55-year-olds, and found social media is replacing search as the dominant means they use to find media content. A majority of the respondents identified social media as their “most preferred source” for reading, viewing or listening to content about topics they care about. Source: Social Supplants Search For Content Discovery, Millennials Twice As Likely To Get News That Way 05/11/2016

 Marhat POV

WHY Search is failing

f you every wondered why SEO is not bring the returns it did just a while ago, then you will understand that social media is apart of the answer. More users are going to social sites to find what they are looking for and search is falling as users discover other venues to search on. That is not the only reason why search engines are failing travel.

OTAS Dominate search

The Online Travel Agents have, to a very large extent, usurped search to become a dominate resource for travel shoppers. Its was clear some time ago that Google was heading to loose out in travel search to the OTAs – see

Travel marketing is changing as OTAs move to dominate hotel and tourism bookings and hoteliers learn to love and hate them. They can’t do without them and they cry foul at the paying higher and higher commission to gt results.

Direct Booking Options With Digital Media

Hotels cant get on search results as they did before their share of direct bookings is under attack. But new option are opening, not only in social, but in may other ways. Google has introduced several “more hotel friendly” initiatives on mobile and now with Hotel Ads it is in direct competition with OTAs. Hotel Ads allows hotel to pay google a commission and get booking direct from place listing on top real-estate on Google.  See more about digital media and technology for hotel and tourism on the new book series – Marketing Hotels and Tourism Online. The first book #Website is published now   – Be sure to get the book and bonuses at


#1 Amazon Bestseller Website is first in the series on hotel and tourism marketing

#1 Amazon Bestseller Website is first in the series on hotel and tourism marketing


Google Urges Hotels to do More Brand Building –

Google Urges Hotels to do More Brand Building –

accord brand at googles talk on how hotels can up their gameTravel brands need to do more to elicit an emotional response from consumers and be more memorable, delegates at an Accord half day conference hosted by Google were told.

Ruairidh Roberts, industry head at Google Search,says “Travel brands need to do more to elicit an emotional response from consumers and be more memorable”  This in the opening statements of his talk to delegates at an Accord half day conference hosted by Google. He added that “regular reach with consumers was vital, but seldom happens in travel.”

In the speech where he on behalf of Google Urges Hotels to do More Brand Building, he points out that  “OTAs live and breathe in the search space.”  But hoteliers are mostly waiting those who are ready for a holiday rather than being with them all year.

“Be creative, be consistent and create memories, he said ” The way you grow brand share is regular reach with buyers in your category.”

Google itself  a brand executes marketing strategies based on four key factors “that reflect where customers are in their purchase path: See, Think, Do and Care.”

‘Care’ is for travellers who have purchased. ‘Do’ and ‘Think’ people who are poised to purchase and the ‘See’ stage is were hoteliers can build brands.

Roberts cited Google’s YouTube video sharing platform – and building content to engage with consumers. PPC and SEO are also important to the  ‘See’  but video and social are actualy more influential in building brands at the see stage.

That makes  a lot of sense as its more about giving than asking for the order in the early stages of travel planning.

A Example of how video can build trust and brand integrity is what Turkish Airlines did with a  YouTube  video showing Barcelona football star Lionel Messi with basketball legend Kobe Bryant.


A follow-up  TV ad  capitalized on the ‘Selfie’ craze and reinforced the airline’s message and brand without overtly selling tickets.

The results was a 14% increase in brand reach between 2012 and 2013.

“What you gain in brand recognition over a four quarter period is double what you would expect if you just stick to direct response.” He Added
Source: Google urges travel brands to ‘See’ the value of brand building –

Why Hotel Technology Companies are Hot Aquisition Targets

Why rolling up hotel technology companies is a hot trend of the moment.

Priceline’s acquisition of Buuteeq is the end of a long line of acquisitions by various companies of digital marketing firms. Looking forward, it’s about looking for ways to to use one-stop shopping to wrap their arms around independent hotels and each regional chains.

Thats why big, brand-name firms have been looking to acquire technology companies that provide business-to-business (B2B) services for hotels.

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