Hotel Marketing Consultants – Hospitality Consultant

Hotel Marketing Consultants – Hospitality Consultant. Brent Prunes does a good job of summarizing what you need to cover in hospitality marketing. Of course he is making bid to do it for you and he certianly know his stuff so check him out. But there is lots of good content here that will help you […]

How to use Behavioral Differences & Personalisation to Boost Bookings

Understanding Behavioral Differences in Tourism And Travel Shopping can boost Bookings. You will need to register and down load this report but it is well worth registering for it. The report examines behavioral differences between leading retail and travel companies. Conversion rates and purchase cycles vary greatly between the travel and retail sectors and the […]

Is Google Plus a Flop | Fast Company

Plus-One This: Proof That Google Plus Will Prevail | Fast Company | Business + Innovation. Dave Llorens, Fast Compan was suprised to find taht 99% of the people in Silicon Valley who he talked to about G+, think that Google Plus flopped and have written it off. Further more he saya that “The remaining 1%, […]

Marriott Jumps Into the Content Marketing Game – Skift

Marriott Jumps Into the Content Marketing Game – Skift. In 2013, Marriott Hotels partnered with fast company Mashable and Wired to create content for marketing its tourism products. This coincided with Marriott’s $90 million “Travel Brilliantly campaign”. it combined in-house and crowd sourced ideas about how to create the next generation hotel. Content marketing that […]