SEO & RankBrain – Technology in Transition

SEO & RankBrain – Technology in Transition

SEO & RankBrain Merging Technology and Social Distancing   COVID-19 has ushered in the digital age like nothing that came before it. Digital has become the primary media for advertising and we are reaching critical mass in digital connectivity. Over 50% of the world is now active online. Source: see The Why of Digital Media […]

Getaway Travel with Tiny Houses in the Woods

Source: Getaway Travel By Tiny houses in the Woods Here is a new form of affordable getaway travel. The company getaway makes tiny houses and places them in woods just outside of the city. A great place for city dwellers to escape the noise and bustle of the city and live for a while in […]

ehotelier – Small Hotels on the Rocks: Greece Case Study

ehotelier – The challenges for small hotels: Greece case study. While most of my personal tourism experience is based in the Caribbean its refreshing and disturbing to see that other countries in very different travel destination are experiencing some of the same issue we have in the tropics. Philia Tounta, MBA, Ba, Di, a travel […]

How Facebook Plans To Take Over The Internet – ReadWrite

How Facebook Plans To Take Over The Internet – ReadWrite. So here is the answer to the question why Facebook bought Whataps and what it will do with it.. As this article points out “In developing countries like those is targeting, many people rely on SMS communications due to a lack of data services. […]

Boutique Hotels Customize Local Experiences – Luxury Daily

Matching the boutique feel with customized experiences – Luxury Daily – In-store. While hospitality looks at going more local, the luxury market contends with it on several fronts including personalization of the travel experience for the independent minded guest. To do this hoteliers are training their teams to develop experiences on a guest-to-guest basis. Some […]