Mobile Flash Perks – New Rage at Marriott

Marriott to locate guests via mobile and offer deals. Through FlashPerks, members can redeem points or use cash for limited-time, exclusive deals. The campaign is aimed at tech-savvy Millennial traveler. Marriott Hotels started the “Travel Brilliantly” marketing campaign specifically for Millennials, those generally born in the 1980s to the early 2000s. Guests have to download […]

Apps Will Soon Be Obsolete |

Evernote Founder: Apps Will Soon Be Obsolete | Phil Libin, the founder of the popular cross-platform note-taking system, predicted apps are not long for this world. He actually said it: “Apps will be obsolete.” When Libin is extremely bullish on wearables. He said “that while productivity on desktop computers flows in cycles of two-to-three […]

Does Tourism Industry Understands Mobile – Tnooz

Does Tourism Industry Understands Mobile – Tnooz Lee McCabe, head of travel at Facebook, and a veteran of Expedia, suggest that travel suppliers are not on the ball with mobile and many don’t get it. He starts of in this interview by sayoing most hospitality companies do not understand mobile: “We’re moving away from this […]