25% Thomson bookings via mobile devices – www.travelweekly.co.uk

Quarter of Thomson bookings via mobile devices – www.travelweekly.co.uk.

In recent posts we shared how Expedia’s bookings via mobile are at 20% and that PhocusRight estimates mobile will account for 20% of all online bookings by 2015. Today Thomson says mobile is 25%.  That’s an 78% increase over last year.

Tui UK and Ireland managing director Dave Burling said: “The biggest trend online has been the move towards developing sites which can work not just on desktops but on tablets and smartphones.” Clearly favoring the Responsive Web Design (RWD) as a strategy for integrated mufti-device design and marketing. See more on this on RWD Report on Slideshare – You can also access this Free Case study on RWD at the ink below:

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How Ford will let you book a hotel from the driver seat

How Ford will let you book a hotel from behind the wheel | The Drum.

Consumers will soon access the internet from anywhere at anytime. Car manufactures are now using the cloud to connect them to drivers. The connected car will interact to the connected home, to turn the oven on or delay it if the driver is late.
It may alert the home system to record their favourite TV show, or lower the temperature in the house.

“We’ll see the introduction of biometrics in cars as consumers become more comfortable with using retina and finger print scanners to unlock devices thanks to the iPhone 5s. Cars will then use this data to determine who the driver is and adjust the car settings accordingly.” says the Drum!

Mobile to account for 20% of online travel bookings by 2015

Mobile tipped to account for fifth of online travel bookings by 2015.

Here are the highlights:
-Mobile Bookings in Europe predicted to be 20% of all Online Bookings. (PhoCusWright at FITUR conference in Madrid, Spain)
-Total online bookings will reach an all-time high of 47%
-Euro 126.7 billion spent online across leisure and managed travel (out of total Euro 270.2 billion)
-Supplier-direct accounts for Euro 74.5 billion
-Online travel agencies will have Euro 52.2 billion

– See more at: http://www.tnooz.com/article/mobile-booking-fifth-2015/#sthash.SD9gai46.dpuf