International business Times Fetaures Free Checklist for Mobile Website Design For Marketers

AXSES Launches Free Checklist on Mobile Website Design For Marketers | International Business News | Online Business News – International Business Times.

The checklist follow up on several white-papers and reports on mobile travel, RWD and case studies on mobile app development and web apps. The reports are based on the teams extensive experience in building mobile sites and applications for marketing.

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MobileChecklist- Website Design Hangout #1 YouTube

How to optimize your Mobile Website Design using Google analytics- YouTube.

The webinar is a first attempt at using Google hangouts and we look forward to your feedback. Please leave a comment so we can improve on the next.

This goes pretty deep into using Google Analytics and shows some of the advanced concepts of events and settings. It also demonstrates how to use Analytics to get insights into how well the site is preforming and what needs to be changed. It covers the first tip on the mobile checklist which is “Use measurement tools (such as Google Analytics) to determine if users are carrying out the key calls to action such as purchase, contact, share, etc. The goals you establish for your mobile site might be different from your desktop site. Your digital measurement strategy should reflect this”

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Tips, Resources & Checklist For Mobile Desgn & Marketing – Video

The video on this strategic mobile checklist is just launched on Youtube. The Video shares the things you absolutely must know and what you must avoid in your mobile design and marketing strategies. 

Mobiletravel Tips Resources Checklist update – YouTube.

The mobile-marketers-checklist is authored by the team who wrote the book on Mobile Travel, Responsive Web Design and mobile apps for the destination calendar of events. The team has extensive experience in building all types and sizes of mobile sites and shares know how and resources you must have. Details of the report and why you need, what it covers and how it will help you are highlighted in  the video.

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Mobile-first Shifts to Mobile Moments -Forrester

Forrester’s Julie Ask sees shift from mobile-first to mobile moments – Mobile Marketer – Strategy.


According to Forrester, “this is now the age of the customer. In the early twentieth century, it was the age of manufacturing, then in the ’60s it shifted to the age of distribution, and in the ’90s it was the age of information.”

Success now comes from satisfying the customer and marketers must now  meet the demands of the empowered buyer at the right moment to have a comparative advantage.

This age of the customer requires getting to know the customer and figuring how to best serve him or her. It is about building relationships with consumers and providing them enhanced service from analytics and metrics.

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Does Tourism Industry Understands Mobile – Tnooz

Does Tourism Industry Understands Mobile – Tnooz

Lee McCabe, head of travel at Facebook, and a veteran of Expedia, suggest that travel suppliers are not on the ball with mobile and many don’t get it. He starts of in this interview by sayoing most hospitality companies do not understand mobile:

“We’re moving away from this world where people will browse 20 to 30 different websites. Surfing, browsing, and searching. We’re moving toward apps. On mobile devices, apps offer a superior user experience than the web does. That’s why show something like 80% of the typical mobile user’s time is spent on apps.

A huge chunk of that, maybe 25% of that mobile usage, is time spent on Facebook’s own app, people’s window on the world.

But its not actually as clear as that . See our notes on Why Hotels don’t have to jump on mobile apps right now _ See the article on Google & Html5. That of course does not mean they don not need a mobile strategy.

The interview is pretty deep and discussed may topics including the fact that maybe fans are not booking. Great article that covers a lot of ground.

Desktop Search to Decline $1.4 Billion as Google Users Shift to Mobile – eMarketer

Desktop Search to Decline $1.4 Billion as Google Users Shift to Mobile – eMarketer

Searches Switch to Shift to Mobile causing Google Search Ads to drop 1.4Bbillion – eMarketer.

Desktop search in the US is poised for a significant decline this year as paid clicks on Google shift toward mobile devices, according to new figures from eMarketer.

There is a huge shift now as Mobile is now growing at the rate 83.0%. Ad spending on mobile in the US grew 120.8% in 2013, contributing to an overall gain of 122.0% for all mobile ads. Meanwhile, overall desktop ad spending increased just 2.3% last year, according to eMarketer.

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