MobileChecklist Webinar 3 – Navigation and Plugins

Mobile Navigation- How to use Search, Menus and Buttons Effectively

This webinar by AXSES Team, headed by Kathy Lynn Ward, goes deep into strategies on how to build a successful mobile navigation system. It
show you how to use search to help users quickly get the information the need.

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Mobile Plugins, Add-ons and Resources

In the discussion  on plugins, Shelly Burke shares issue you absolutely must know to avoid errors with the many plugins that just will not work on

Shelly shares tips, tools and resources to help you find, test and deploy plugins and add-ons that add essential resources and
options to enhance your mobile service and marketing. For More about plugins Click here


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Bonus downloads include case study on Responsive Website design, Calendar of Events app. And the Mobile Travel Report.

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MobileChecklist- Website Design Hangout #1 YouTube

How to optimize your Mobile Website Design using Google analytics- YouTube.

The webinar is a first attempt at using Google hangouts and we look forward to your feedback. Please leave a comment so we can improve on the next.

This goes pretty deep into using Google Analytics and shows some of the advanced concepts of events and settings. It also demonstrates how to use Analytics to get insights into how well the site is preforming and what needs to be changed. It covers the first tip on the mobile checklist which is “Use measurement tools (such as Google Analytics) to determine if users are carrying out the key calls to action such as purchase, contact, share, etc. The goals you establish for your mobile site might be different from your desktop site. Your digital measurement strategy should reflect this”

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MobileChecklist Update!

In a recent post we shared the mobile Site checklist by Moz Its a good basic list of things you need to have your mobile website do.

The AXSES team who created on of the first Responsive Websites Designers for a major Destination site and were pioneers in the early stages of Mobile travel with initiatives like SmartPhoneTraveller and took a look and added some points that they thought were essential to complete the Moz list. We share that below. You might also like the reports published by the same Team at AXSES Tourism development also listed in the new report.

The creators of these reports and the new technology of AXSES are Shelly Burke and Kathy-Lynn Ward who are always on the leading edge of tourism technology. And this list is their gift to you.

Your Free access of these and other reports and the updated list here >>>