The Independent Traveler | TravelersInsights Brand Culture

The Independent Traveler | TravelersInsights Brand Culture

TravelersInsights & Brand Culture. In our ongoing series of the new digital brand culture, this is a perfect example of the trend we discussed on the recent blog on new brand culture in the digital age. The Barbados Tourism Encyclopedia along with many tourism destination marketing authorities are now in the business of self publishing, […]

A Near-Death Experience for Travel Brochures

A Near-Death Experience for Travel Brochures – Small City Branding Around the World. A user account of how social media, users based content is fast replacing the official brochure. Travelers love real people accounts not the same old hype and spin they find in professionally produced brochures.

Print in Jeopardy as Sales Fall at The Independent

The Independent’s future in jeopardy as sales fall to alarming level | Media | “The Indy’s circulation has fallen to a level that no longer makes the paper a viable proposition”. Newsstand sales are just over 43,000, when there are 41,000 newspaper retail outlets in Britain. That’s just one sale per stand. It faces […]

10 Travel Technology & Distribution Trends | PhoCusWright

10 travel technology and distribution trends. The overriding trends is diversification in marketing: That actually is my take on it and somewhat consistent with the HotelNewsNow report which draws on the PhoCusWright summary folloing WTM in 2013. HotelNewsNow starts with how new content patterns are challenging distribution and again this is about diversification in content […]

Metasearch Websites: Opportunity or Threat?

Metasearch websites: opportunity or threat? | El blog de Mirai para hoteleros. In this article the author, César López Business Development manger at Miria in Spain, says “Your website will sell increasingly less” This is apparent already as we see trend across media for travelers to look at many websites. While many like to do […]