5 Psychological Triggers That Get More Sales – Social Triggers

5 Psychological Triggers That Get More Sales – Social Triggers

Phychology of sales5 Psychological Triggers that Get More Sales – SocialTriggers Over the past year, Markhat blogs have covered, in varying degrees, sales funnels, hot button, buying motivators and the many Psychological triggers that drive sales and direct bookings. This article goes a bit more in depth into some of the master key and triggers. If sign up to their database, you will also get a free book. I have not the book yet read but will review bit shortly and add my comments shortly. So check back for the update as i give you my assessment on how helpful and insightful it is. Based-on on this article I expect will be helpful.

 5 Keys that Motivate Buyers

The blog cover 5 keys as they say and these include everything from “how less choice leads to more sales” to “how mystery increases bookings”.  A rather unusual key is “Why hate mail is good for you” As Derek Halpern founder of Socialtriggers says “When you’re running a website… a business… hate mail is evidence that you’re doing something right.”  The other two keys remind us that “People actually like paying for stuff” and that “Loss aversion  is a bigger trigger than gain”. This last, he says, makes no sense from a logical point of view but in reality travelers, like any other consumer, just hate to loose-out on something. This of course is why marketers add “scarcity” into their campaigns. In travel the OTAs display how many people are looking at a room and how many are rooms left, in order to indicate that they are scarce and you have to act n ow. You will  often see notices on expedia and booking.com that say “Book now” or “only one room left” for example. Its a good round up of 5 triggers but of course there are many more.

Authority is perhaps the most compelling of them all.

Here are a couple of videos explaining what is authority, what it means and how you can create it. .. Ben Newman

Ian R Clayton  Tourism Marketing- Publishing For Authority

More like this got to TourismMarketingMachines.com for Free Video tutorial on Hotel and Tourism Marketing

Another way to understand triggers is simple to study the brain, particularly the importance of brain waves, neurological science and the reticular activating system as they relate to attention, activation and sales triggers.


About Derek Halperns’ Book

I did mention above that if you signup you will get a downlaod ebook on Triggers- I got the book and glanced thru it, reading headlines and tit bits. Its a personal account of how he struggled to make sense of marketing and as he says “Finally, I ended up with Social Triggers, which you probably heard that I built from scratch in March 2011 to more than 125,000 subscribers just 2 years later.”

Impressive – their is lots of good advise of the sort you will not find everywhere so its worth a read. The book is really a promotion of SocialTriggers as a service so read with that in mind and make your own evaluation.

The big takeaway is that you need a personal brand and it has to be insanely specific. He will tell you all about that in the book. I don’t personally know or have any contact with Derek and I don’t get anything if you buy anything from him. My interest in writing these blogs is to provide honest reviews and helpful advice.

Yes, I can learn something for Dereks’ book. With luck I will find time to implement one or two ideas!!  Like creating my new personal brand- I think I like Tourism Hot Buttons Psycho Guy!  Well .. it needs some refining 🙂 And I am going to reach out to him now!! You can too at SocialTriggers

Hope you find this useful.

To your Success  .. Ian

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Markhat blogs on Sales “Triggers”

More Choice Lowers Conversion

More Choice Lowers Conversion

Why less Is more – Skift

In this, now famous study by psychologists Sheena Iyengar and Mark Lepper, consumers bought more when offered fewer choices. “With 24 flavors, 60% of the store’s customers stopped to taste test and 3% of the tasters bought jam. With six flavors, 40% of the store’s customers stopped to taste test, but 30% of those tasters bought jam. Customers were ten times more likely to buy when offered less flavors.”

Clearly too many options overwhelm shoppers who will often abandon the shopping cart if their are too many option. It is also true that less choices, more often than not, will increases conversions.

For hotels the dilemma with website bookings is that hotels have multiple room types, rates and options which can easily exceed 50 or choices. In addition their are add-ons and upgrades that can just confound travellers.

For the most part it is not possible for hoteliers to present a a standard room into a suite, or a garden view to a beach front for example, yet as this article points out there are some simple strategies can help to boost conversion in travel shopping.

Here are some suggestion for our own experience and from the linked article

1. Set defaults in booking choice.. Exapmple Poinsettia Villa Apartments. When a user clicks on the book now or reservations button they go direct to booking process set fr a reservation for the average stay (7 days) and starting 7 days from the current date. The booking engin shows all units with a brief description and image. Shoppers can get more info by clicking on details within the arcRes booking options.

2. Show best rates and special. A booking engine like the one above will loook for the best rates and show the traveler the best option for them. The best rates are show above normal rates that are crossed out. This makes shoppers feel comfortable that the are getting the best deal. Its also important to have Best Rate Guarantee show ion the site.

3. Minimize add-ons during booking. The airline industry success in up-selling premium seats and travel insurance when booking flights, and hospitality followed with add-ons that are now a part of bookings. The fact is that data shows few shoppers purchase add-ons, and it accounts to approx 0.1% of the total revenue. The suggestion is don’t offer them till after the booking is done.

4. Beak down the buying process into several steps. To varying degrees hotel websites help shoppers through the booking process. In the Power Marketing Consultants Strategy, website design is seen as part of the messaging system and need to be focused on specific goals and steps in getting people to that point. For example, start with a compelling headline that talks to your ideal customers needs. Create 3 hot buttons that lead people to information answering their question or displaying information that they need. Its a departure and rethinking of the tradition approach that looks at a website as a brochure.

PMC points out that those days are over. Hotel Websites must be behavior responsive, visually engaging sales funnels that are an integrated part of marketing, advertising and messaging systems.

You can download the entire report on website design and Power Marketing Strategies at PowerMembers.allCastMarketing.com when you register for Free Membership that offers marketing insights, guides, videos, case studies and strategy reports.

5. Make it visual. We have shown how visual and behavior responsive technology has increased engagement by 500% and conversion by 300%. With news systems and the latest VisualBookingsTechnology.com hotel and tourism organization can transform static pages into highly effective sales funnels. Hotels need to start to look at website as sales funnels and implement the latest technology to improve the travel-shopers experience. See more on how visual information system like Pinterest are Transforming travel

power marketing website optimization strategies

power marketing website optimization strategies


The Visual Marketing Sales Funnel – Marketing in the Digital Age

The Visual Marketing Sales Funnel – Marketing in the Digital Age

Description of the Visual Marketing Sales Funnel


In the age of BiG -Data and automation much of the marketing must be systematized and automated. In this diagram we provide key concepts under each sector of the funnel pyramid along with the tools needed at that stage.

1. Plan

Today Marketing must be a cohesive tailored system. The system dictates the content and the sequence that your prospects go through. It should define what criteria your prospects should look for in your product and lead them to buy from you and not your competitors.

Build the content based on the messaging strategy.

2. Reach – Publishing: Video, blogs, articles, SEO, social networks

2a. (Buyers) Exploration
Establish prospects triggers and messages based on what criteria prospects
should look for in a destination. Establish and Promote destination USPs.
2b. Tools
Psychological triggers
Systematized marketing
Lead magnet (consumer style reports)

3. Action – Your Site and social network, community and tools

3a. (Buyers) Decision Making
Create an interactive experience with personalized product offerings to each customer.
Encourage customers to share with social connections, expanding your reach. Build a buyers
database for extra conversion opportunities and filter serious customers from casual lookers.
3b. Tools
Tracking and artificial intelligence
Social buttons & planning tools
Interactive, visual displays
Specialized reports (lead magnets)
Client reviews
Tripwires (chargeable reports)

4. Convert – e-commerce, product, price and promotions

4a. (Buyers) Purchase
Encourage shoppers to use the booking engine to get quotes and find specials.
Make all page a buying filter. create opportunities to ask question and get
answers. Follow up
4b. Tools
Interactive systems
Intelligent auto-responders
automated systems

5. Engage – Advocacy

5a. (Buyers) Advocacy
Encourage & participate in social sharing, reward referrals, have a continuity
5c. Tools
Social buttons
Loyalty programs
Encourage TripAdvisor reviews

Introducing the NBO – something relevant and timely to revolutionize travel

Introducing the NBO – something relevant and timely to revolutionize travel.

Tourism is way behind in marketing, when it come to understanding and deploying sales funnel tactic for the digital age.

We are still looking at the world of AIDA – getting and creating Awareness, Interest, Desire and Action. The new order is CCIIA Capture, connect (engage) Inform, Incentivize and automate. But few do anything like that in travel!. Keep tunes for a future article on CCIIA.

The NBO is also flawed in travel. Nearly every travel market beat the drum for the now buyers and we all bemoan the fact that so few travelers book. 95% are just looking and what we fail to react to its that travel has a long buy cycle, and that we as marketers do little to nurture those at the start of the sales cycle. We put our resources into the 5% who are in buy now mode and as soon as they have gone we start again. Why not nurture the shoppers in the early stage with proper messaging and continuity.

We will write more on this, Just let us know that you like the idea and leave your comments below.





2014 Online Marketing Trends – Sales Funnels Slides

2014 Online Marketing Trends.

Great work by Dave Chaffey

We are working on this to take account of the lates marketing tactics to add value to travellers even before they start the planning process. Its not done in Tourism Marketing but highly effective in just about every sector is is aapplied. Whatch out for our EXCLUSIVE stoty on this soon.

In the meantime; to get an idea of where it is going consider realholidys’com dynamic packaging and visual bookings technology. These are a step in the direction of value up front. In the next iteration are laed magnets and trip wires. stay tuned for more.