Marriott Travel Personality Quiz Delivers a Fitting Experience

Marriott Travel Personality Quiz Delivers a Fitting Experience

marriott travel personalityThe Marriott Travel Personality

Are you a trend-led early adopter, fastidious planner, or carefree wanderer? Discover what your travel choices say about you and find new corners of the globe to seek out. Regardless of who you are, the new Marriott Travel Personality Quiz delivers a fitting experience for you!

Source: Quiz: What’s your travel personality? | Marriott Travels | The Guardian

Marriott Knows Personality Matters

travel personality quizz question 1Marriott has moved further into personalizing Travel Search with its new quiz that asks: what is your travel personality?  It starts by asking guests to “choose a morning pick-me-up” and offers three pictures.

The pictures show:

1. First, a Croissant and regular coffee labeled ‘Continental Breakfast’;

2. Second, a Cappuccino labeled ‘Flat White’;

3. Third, a health fix with images of jars of raw juices and green vegetables.

For me, it was a toss-up between a Cappa and the raw juice – actually, I often have both but I chose the Cappa in this case.


There are 10 questions like this, each gleaning insights into the personality preferences of the user. The second question establishes what landscapes you prefer. Of course, the choices say much more that meets the eye. They are designed to probe and reveal a travel personality that can be matched with the right holiday experience.

Whether you choose a country idyll, an other-worldly gem or wide-open spaces you are declaring something much more about yourself than your image preference. I chose wide-open spaces and that implies a scene of freedom, perhaps a need to get away from crowds and someone looking for an experience off the beaten path.

The 10 questions are fun and easy to complete and at the end they show you who they think you are – and offer a suitable holiday experience. I chose based on what I like to do and was dubbed “the cool hunter”.

The Cool Hunter

“You’ve always gone your own way and trusting your instincts seems to pay off. Despite not being slavish to trends, your holidays tend to be the subject of envy among your circle. Friends admire your spontaneous streak, which stems from your innate individualism.”

The report was a full page of images and description. Not bad – you do say a lot by the choosing the images that appeal to you.

It told me what my perfect break was: “Dramatic landscapes and areas of outstanding natural beauty feed your imagination – just make sure there’s some life and soul nearby. A city break could also work for a nature lover like you, as long as you have access to green spaces, or you’re located on the coast.”

And suggested 3 option:

  • Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, Russia
  • Courtyard Boston Downtown, US
  • The Lexington New York City, Autograph Collection, US

Travel is About the Experience

The whole point of this exercise is to try to make travel planning more experiential. It is a specialized implementation that works well for Marriott properties. Clearly, Marriott has shown that personality matters and experiences are what people are looking for. Something more general is needed for destination marketing organizations and other chains, as well as booking engines.

Conventional Travel Search is Seldom About the Experience

The conventional way of searching for holiday options and hotels is to search by location, price and amenities. This is a commodity search, as you might expect for a supermarket shopping cart. But amenities, price and location do not capture or describe the experience. Personality does and today we have expert systems that can predict personality from travelers’ choices and preferences. Not every traveler will want to go through a quiz but there are many ways we can discern who they are using the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

The new systems like the PersonaHolidays app is fascinating travelers with its uncanny ability to match them up with hotels that complement their character and offer the sort of experience that is meaningful to them personally.

Create Personality Matching Experiences for YOUR Guests

PersonaHolidays has pioneered in this area and is now licensing its Personality Matching Technology to destination marketing organizations, chain hotels, hotel associations and hotel and tourism marketers. You can see more about it at

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