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ehotelier – semantic search tips to help customers find you.

Just a year ago SEO consisted of back links (from anyone anywhere), on-page optimization, careful domain name selection, hosting location and linking. The old rules led to SEO agents building artificial links and using low quality content with keywords, mostly all based on desktop search.

Today it has all changed, except that in travel industry and hotel marketing strategies are not ‘getting it’ yet says Bronwyn White of eHotelier. They should.

Bronwyn spoke to David Amerland, author of “Google Semantic Search” who told her. “Nowhere is reputation more important perhaps than in the hospitality industry. Thanks to the widespread prevalence of reviewing systems such as TripAdvisor and Yelp and the use of social media to share experiences, the hotel industry can finally begin to win attention and market share by doing what it does best: focus on providing great service and the best end-user experience possible.”

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Travel Weekly Features Story on GoogleTravel

How to Recover from GoogleTravel | Travel Weekly – The National Newspaper of the Travel Industry.

Travel Weekly – The National Newspaper of the Travel Industry features the story of how hotels and tourism are coping with latest moves in search marketing.

Our previos posts showed how Google had become supplier and competitor to tourism marketers. That is, it is a supplier of media space and a competitor in using that space on pages to display its own products and its advertising partners.

Read the article for full details.

Great job, you made it to the conclusion of the article which is something not everybody does. Any individual who has hung in there this way now has the knowledge to put to use on Rants on Social Media and to make a go of it.

Google Launches Panda 4.0 – SEW

Google Launches Panda 4.0 – SEW.

Matt Cutts confirmed that Panda 4.0 began rolling out yesterday. SEO experts are still pondering what it effects and why. Cutts says it all about eliminating low quality sites from search results. Some Experts believe it may be correct some over harsh filtering on good site that have confusing navigation. If so we should see quality sites getting back into organic search results.

Video Marketing Pays Off For Small St. Lucia Apartment Villa Resort

St. Lucia One Bedroom Villa Rentals – The Nook Villa 4, Self Catering Accommodation – YouTube.

Small private apartment villa resort in st. lucia offers One Bedroom vials at very affordable rates – Check it out –

“Owner-Direct Rentals” Wins with Video Marketing

This owner direct rental property undertook an in depth video marketing campaign using video production along with social indexing and press campaigns to get top position in search results. It took some time but it now out-ranks even the tourism authority site for related searches.

Impressive when hotel struggle to get listed with panda and hummingbird and search engines favor top authority sites and OTAs.  Local hotels are failing to get on page 1 of results and many have lost their listing in the last year.

But this case study of a small hospitality operator in St. Lucia shows that sound marketing and video does make a difference.

See the marketing case study 


Example:  Video Marketing That Works

OceanFront One Bedroom Villa in St. Lucia are not too common in the Caribbean – Typically villas rent well for families and are more expensive that a hotel room for a single or double occupancy.Mostly holiday villa accommodations work for groups and large families.

Having a small one bedroom unit  close to the water and in a resort complex with amenities like a pool, gardens and a great ocean-view terrace above the cove, available to rent at a reasonable price is quite rare.  Pointing all this out in the video helps get the message across.

Building good information videos that are informative and interesting is just the sort of rich content that helped this small local and privately owned resort get listed on the internet.