3 Years after Panda, Hoteliers struggle for traffic

Three years on from Google Panda, many travel sites struggle with traffic.

We have been watching this for a long time and set of alarms way back with hotel finder.. To show exactly what has happened over just two years we did this video (below) to illustrate how small loal hotels have disappeared off of search results.

As Paul Bennett, co-founder of tour company Context Travel, says:

“In most of our keyword searches the top 5 slots, which used to belong to small, local tour companies like us, are now occupied by high-spending distributors like Viator or travel Goliaths like TripAdvisor. They occupy the ad spaces at the top and on the side of the page, and as a result are awarded the top organic results, too.”

– See the article here >>>

Google Hummingbird for Hotels: Why You Shouldn’t Panic

Google Hummingbird for Hotels: Why You Shouldn't Panic.

The good news about humming bird is that it not going to penalize your site in the way Panda and Penguin was design to do. Instead it look at the intent of the users search and matches that to most relevant sites. Now that what search has always done, you say. True but it is the fine tuning that counts. its the devil in the detail! – To get the entire story read the post at BlueMagnet. And for even more detail on how tp market your tourism business get my book.

Keyword Data Switch Off with Latest Update

Goodbye Keyword Data: Google Moves Entirely to Secure Search – Search Engine Watch (#SEW).

As Google moves to encrypted search we ask the questions why, what  and how will it effect tourism marketing!

Encrypted searches are those with the https:// urls, they do not pass any details of what the user is searching for (keyword data) through to websites. This means that website owners will not be able to to track users by their keyword searches. They will not know how their keyword marketing is doing. This keyword data has allowed website owners know what is going on in search using web analytics software.

Search engine Watch is keeping an eye on this for us. See SEW Article Here!


Its another move in the direction of Gs vertical integrated empire. The aim is to move more users to advertising and dilute the ability to rank in organic search. See our notes on the Carousel and  on Why Hotels need to Be Worried about Search

Also see the replay of the how Penguins Authority Bias is causing independent hotels to fall of search. See this below

Reviews Are the Brass Ring on Google’s Carousel | DMW Industry Analysis

Reviews Are the Brass Ring on Google’s Carousel | DMW Industry Analysis.

Watch these moved by the big G. Its moving into travel in a big way, some of it is devastating to hotels, like the authority bias that prefers big brands. Ultimately G care about itself and we see more and more is going to their own integrated products.

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