Tools to Keep you informed & Ontop of  SEO Strategies

Tools to Keep you informed & Ontop of SEO Strategies

HubSpot Blog take a dive inside of what is driving SEO and overviews tool that can help you measure analyze and correct your Search Engine Marketing Strategies Round of 10 Best Tools for SEO This article is a great roundup of tools you need to really be in the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) game. SEO […]

Google Panda 4.1 Warnings for Tourism – Position²

Google Panda 4.1 – Position². Google is relentless in its effort to rid search of spam and those who try to game the system are being targeted. The problem is that even legitimate sites are getting hurt in the shuffle. Marketers today must understand what Panda, Penguin and Humming bird are looking for and what […]

The Evolution of Google Travel

The Evolution of Google Travel

As a person deeply involved in helping hotels, tourism operators and destinations build lasting brands and sustainable direct business since 1995, and before that as a hotel manager way back in the sixties, I have been around to see all that has happened.  It started well with search engines long before Google. All search engines […]

Infographic SEO Ranking-Factors 2014 – | Searchmetrics

Infographic SEO Ranking-Factors 2014 – | Searchmetrics. Searchmetrics just released a fantastic, totally free, Info-Graphics and report on “SEO Ranking Factors 2014 – Google” Here is a summary I just got in email from Dan Brown, Editor of a Press release service that I use. Get the get a free copy of the […]